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Zil'anai look good. I'm going back over then because if kinda feels like they got some serious power, but maybe that's just me thinking there was some favoritism on your part given that the Wyld lines up with your ideals a bit more than any other. I can't honestly say they're OP in any one area compared to any others, so I honestly can't support my thought on favoritism... that said, I guess there is none and it's just me.

Anyway, it looks good. I appreciate all the work you've put into the 'Anai' so far and what you still plan to finish up.

Admittedly Zil'anai were one of the easiest Paragon Paths to write, because it is a topic I am most familiar with. Many of its elements are pulled from various books (primarily Primal Power and PHBII for obvious reasons). Some paths do need better abilities, but overall, I tried to make this path more "active", in the sense that its powers promoted mobility and action point expenditure, along with using its powers early. With this in mind, I will likely upgrade a few of the Paragon Paths that honestly don't feel like they achieve what they should.
Because the way the game is played in our situation, as players, we often run into gambles of combat; all or nothing combat, where we fight enemies who always have a realistic chance of killing us very easily. For example, we've never had more than two action points, ever, in the entire campaign, and those were only acquired due to the dead hands and zombies located in the Sapphire. That said, I built the Zil'anai on a brute force model of efficiency, where it encourages using everything at hand because our encounters are so frequently all or nothing.
--Argent Fatalis (talk) 23:50, 16 May 2013 (MDT)

I looked at the changes you're making, beefing up some of the other Anai, looks good. I guess I do tend to make you're fights all or nothing, but that's my inexperience as a DM; not being able to drag out a fight that feels like it does enough damage but not too much before letting you move on. Though it's funny you mention this because I have a plan for the last Tower that falls right in line with this.

I see what you mean about brute force for the Zil'anai. Honestly, it makes more sense for them. Even as a ranger, rogue, or a cleric... the intent of kill or be killed and I survive because you don't that I can see prevailing for the Wyld fits with this Paragon very well. Although, I admit, after looking over this paragon, I'm very curious to see how you see his brother's 'Anai'. --Ravenwng (talk) 03:23, 17 May 2013 (MDT)

I wouldn't say it is so much inexperience as it is part of game design; Five Towers certainly is not a regular 4e game by any means. It is perfectly reasonable that the heroes in question are not flat out decimating the monsters with relative ease, especially not when the group lacks dedicated niches such as the Leader/Healer, or is always down 1 to 2 members.
For the Nualanai, they will share many traits with the Zil'anai, such as a summons (or two), a bonus to Ability Scores, but with a much more pronounced focus on inflicting pain over a long period, similar to Sif il'Han, or having an end result effect.

--Argent Fatalis (talk) 04:14, 17 May 2013 (MDT)

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