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The spell should have a standard duration of 1 minute instead of 30 seconds. Another concern I have for this spell is that the cleric gets no aoe spells until they reach 9th level/5th level spell slots with flame strike. I am also not sure how balanced this spell is, as cleric aoe spells deal less damage than other full caster's aoe spells, and until the spell is heavily play tested, the spell's average damage is unknown. Preferably, the spell's average damage should be slightly below the average damage for a 3rd level aoe spell(DMG says 6d6), so the average damage could deal around 5d6 to be balanced.

Finally, is there a reason for the spell being named this way, as the name for the spell has nothing to do with the spell's actual effect?--Blobby383b (talk) 14:15, 16 December 2017 (MST)

Same thing as above. I'd remove the limit per turn, and change the maximum to 5. That's slightly over half of a fireball (8d6). I could see an argument for 6d6 since the spell only does its cool stuff if you/allies take damage. Since this can be cast at higher levels, you'd get a max of 11d6 (or 12d6) which is pretty good, albeit having to be hit for it to work. Hope you have a tank :) BigShotFancyMan (talk) 07:05, 18 December 2017 (MST)

There is a reason for the name - In our campaign we had a barbarian, a fighter, a monk, a wizard (Mine called Viktor) and a cleric (My friend's called Adran). The problem we were having is that the cleric was completely obsolete. The healing was too negligible for what the other classes were suffering; either not being needed or needing to be supplemented with healing potions on top due to everyone dying; and he dealt no damage. He, therefore, was having no fun in the campaign. So the DM and me tried to come up with a spell for him to keep him viable. Any AoE standard damage spell would be pointless as, once again, he'd be eclipsed by Viktor. A reduction in damage was pointless when looking at other AoE spells (I know Cleric's are meant to have less AoE damage, but there are spells you can take to deal equal, if not more, AoE damage than wizards - I don't know if this is an oversight by WotC). So, the conclusion was to draw upon melf's acid arrow which deals more damage per spell slot at the cost of it taking more turns to deal its damage, i.e. Viktor teaching Adran. This is where the 10d6 instead of 8d6 (fireball) comes from. To then make it balanced for a cleric playstyle, I added two conditions. The first is concentration, so it CAN be cancelled if the cleric suffers attacks but I have since been debating whether this should be removed due to the nature of other cleric spells. The second is the charge system. Although you're allowing the cleric to deal damage, they can't do it at will. If you allow all 10 sparks in one turn then, yes, your party may all be killed and you need a "get out of jail free card" but the damage of the spell becomes completely imbalanced. If you reduce it to below 8d6 (e.g. 5d6), there would never be a point to take this spell as there are other AoE cleric spells that are better (look at spirit guardians - in 30 seconds of combat, could deal 15d8 damage AND avoid injuring party members). Advice? For reference, as is, it was too weak to take over spirit guardians (3rd level spell) and it turned out that spirit guardians was dealing more damage than my wizard AoE spells.

You shouldn’t compare a clerics damage spells to a wizard damage spells in my opinion. Please reread the first comment, it is very good advice for this spell. Suffice to say, your friend shouldn’t play cleric if I’ve wants to do damage and I’m surprised the cleric couldn’t provide ample healing. May have been a DM issue 0_o.... BigShotFancyMan (talk) 19:23, 5 May 2018 (MDT)

The reasoning behind comparing him to wizard was to counter your comment -> Cleric's AoEs are weaker than other spell casters, yet spirit guardians outdamages fireball. Therefore, restricting a cleric's damage because they are meant to be weaker than other spellcasters...? And he wanted to heal, the problem was that the healing was insignificant for our party. Either we dealt too much damage and everything died and he did nothing, or he had time to heal and we died anyway so he effectively did nothing. If the damage is the issue, then I think I might scrap the spell entirely because spirit guardians simply did everything he required - mass AoE slaughter.

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