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As per requested review:

  • Wording issues on common traits regarding not needing to eat, drink or sleep (see warforged for help)
  • An incredible amount of blindsight coupled with over 30 feet flying speed.
  • Swarming technique is plain weird. It adds bonuses, which make it even better than kobold's pack tactics, and has a range of... 200ft?! Maybe take a leaf out of the hobgoblin's saving face trait to pare it down. Or nix it entirely since this race has A LOT. Coupled with swarming call, this is a weird amount of added damage dice that are not even uniform, which makes for confusion. Also, d3s aren't really a DnD thing.
  • Vertical ascent mentions "dodging attacks"... That's not how the 5e SRD:Dodge Action works, or dodging in 5e in general. This also reads way more like a class maneuver and doesn't have enough application in ACTUAL battle. You can use your reaction to jump up. That doesn't mean anything if the attacker still rolled over your AC.
  • Steel jaw and razor claws should just use the usual unarmed strike language a la lizardfolk. The need to make them bonus actions just pushes it. And the fact there's TWO of these natural weapon things is frankly unneeded.

I think there is a need to fully understand how 5e traits work if you are going to make these. This is an issue in the other races I see as well, with strange wording and incorrect mechanics. If these are meant to be entirely different from standard 5e, I recommend using a design disclaimer and changing their categories to be supplements instead.--Yanied (talk) 13:46, 23 August 2021 (MDT)

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