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I came looking for warforged, are they in any way related to spellforged or is the name just similar? Either way, do we need a warforged page?

I don't think warforged are under an Open Game License, so we can't put them up on the wiki.

Hello there. Though this appears similar to warforged, there are also some differences. Reproduction, form, I think Warforged have some ability stat bonuses (don´t really know, i´m not very familiar with Eberron things).Still, you have a valid point there. So as not to violate the figure "Warforged", these two should be distinctly different. Personally, I´d like to suggest for Spellforged a more detailed description. Are they humanoid always or they just tend to be? Like, can they have xtra appendices? Arms, legs? If they can reproduce, does this mean they have discernible anatomy and are therefore subject to criticals? Guess it´s up to the creator of the class, but I think some magical Bicentenial Man wouldn´t be a Warforged. I think it is some sort of Golem in the judaic traditional way. Also, would like to suggest gender, since Warforged don´t have it... And materials of which they are built. Are these organic? Are they made of metal, maybe "organic metal" (heard crazier)? Like the idea :) --TYRWNTS2BUY 14:09, 13 April 2011 (MDT)
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