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Standard Question[edit]

What can this class do that a Warmage, Duskblade or Eldritch Knight can't do? --Mkill 05:26, 10 August 2007 (MDT)

Channel spells through their weapon (basically mixing eldritch knight with spellsword... am unfamilair with the other two classes).
However admittedly I am considering changing that. The original concept, the gun mage, was made to focus on crafting magic bullets easily, and having a full list of magic (however limited) for the purpose of enchanting their ammo. I expanded it since many campaigns will not have guns in the otherwise medieval world, and in doing that ditched it. The original also had a bit more rogue-bent, and had Evasion. The Reflex saves remain but for balance I removed Evasion. Spell Strike may be overpowered as is (think... 3 Fireballs at once, or Forcecage+Cloudkill+Hold Monster, or some other terrible combo. Only once a day but that's a powerful blow.)
If you have an idea of what to do with that (or if you think having it gun focused is good) do tell. -- Eiji 21:30, 10 August 2007 (MDT)
Well, if you want a class that mainly enchants things there is the Artificer (Eberron Campaign Setting). The Artificer does exactly what you described above.
Duskblade is in PHB II, Warmage is in Complete Arcane. It's a bit hard if you want to find a niche for a new combat-worthy spellcaster. The Battle Sorcerer Variant from UA and the Eldritch Knight has the simple "less spells/magic might for better BAB and HD" formula, the Duskblade does the channeling thing, the Warmage and the Warlock is good for blasting ... --Mkill 06:27, 12 August 2007 (MDT)

I'm going to be revamping this class shortly, stay tuned. -- Eiji 00:46, 27 August 2007 (MDT)

Reborn closer to the original...[edit]

And there it is. I want to rename it as Sniper Wizard due to its (re)focus on ranged attacks, but I do not know if you can change the title of a page yourself. In any case, comments on this hopefully unfilled niche are welcome. I compare it to a more expanded form of Arcane Archer as a base class. -- Eiji 03:04, 27 August 2007 (MDT)

Commenting cause I can. :P Spellwarp Sniper does the whole ranged wizard thing. As found on another site, "An enlarged fireball ray will have a minimum range of 1320 feet.". Which definitely handles range.. Epic spells are also pretty good. Getting 400ft is easy. Possibly the only half decent thing about epic rules.. So sniper wizards aren't an unfilled niche. However, having said all that, this class looks quite fun. Imbuing spells instead of ammunition should be a nice change. Did one of the bow snipers, got quite nice range, and there's a few different PrC's to try out without even going homebrew, but arrows get boring. lol. Less spells could get interesting.. Will be fun to try out anyway

Tweaked for consistency[edit]

I am not the original author. Since it hasn't been edited in several years I presume the original author is gone. I just replaced a few things in the charts that made no sense with my best guess at the authors intent. In particular I changed "Dodge" granted at 2nd level to "Evasion" (the text mentioned neither Evasion nor Dodge, but since Improved Evasion was listed in the chart at a later level and Evasion always comes first that was my best guess), and I changed Spell Strike 2/day at 30th level to Magic Shot 7/day (there is no spell strike class feature to improve in recent versions of this class, while there is a magic shot class feature to improve).


Power - <<<5>>>/5 I give this class a <<<5>>> out of 5 because <<<of good balance between having high base attack bonus and spell casting ability. Depending on interpretation of wording and feat selection (maybe some fighter for bonus feats) this could be a reasonably powerful character as a powerful combat support>>> -- 08:44, 12 September 2011 (MDT)

Wording - <<<4>>>/5 I give this class a <<<Insert Your Rating Here>>> out of 5 because <<<insert why you gave the rating and how to improve it>>> -- 08:44, 12 September 2011 (MDT)

Formatting - <<<3>>>/5 I give this class a <<<3>>> out of 5 because <<<it could use some work, best supplied via own DM or player>>> -- 08:44, 12 September 2011 (MDT)

Flavor - <<<3>>>/5 I give this class a <<<3>>> out of 5 because <<<the page does not provide much extra info but the class is something easily fit into any world or campaign. I have had druids and rangers along this line but this provides a new element for heroes and villains that do not want to be in the Robin Hood knows magic group. The ability to imbue spells into projectiles could add an all new element to city based adventures and the plots and intrigue included ie being able to affect negotiations are cause mayhem semi-remotely even at lower levels. >>> -- 08:44, 12 September 2011 (MDT)

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