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Sorry I want to improve (it's the first class i try to make) but please can you explain yourself better? I wrote that you cannot go under 10% life with your first skill and that you have to face enemies at least of your level to get the permanent bonus just to avoid the abuse you speak of... I know there are other things that needs balance if you write me what you don't like it would help me improving.

"Enemies" isn't strictly defined. You'll notice that in the PHB things that target enemies are always called "creatures" or "creatures you choose", conversely there are features that can target "friendly creatures". This is because a sneaky player can have an agreement with a friendly creature to temporarily be an "enemy" for the purpose of a feature (whilst you can't convince a hostile creature to be "friendly").
So specifically: I make an agreement with another player or friendly NPC of my level (by the way, NPCs and creatures don't have levels, so as written Scars of War only works with PCs, but I'll be generous and assume you mean CR). As "enemy" isn't strictly defined, I'll treat that player/NPC as an enemy, since we are fighting. The "enemy" hits me until I'm at 10% "life" (I assume you mean hit points), then makes unarmed strikes (1 damage each) until I'm at 1 hp. We then stop fighting. I get 30 permanent hit points. Repeat daily.
I don't know what "+1 permanent CA" means.
Would you like feedback on the other class features as well? Marasmusine (talk) 12:25, 7 March 2016 (MST)

Ok i changed enemy with creature and tried to balance Scars of War, of course i'd like feedback to the other features. Thanks for your help.

For the Wicked Sick stance, what if my enemy is a Fighter/Champion with the Improved Critical Archetype Feature? Does it stack with the 19-20 crit roll? Or is the crit range just increased by 1? SirSprinkles (talk) 14:48, 7 March 2016 (MST)

I picked up these after a quick read through, I'm not addressing overall balance.
  • "What doesn't kill you..." - 5e doesn't have "minor actions", do you mean a bonus action? What is the range of this, do you have to be able to see the creature? This is not an "ability", it is a feature (abilities are Strength, Dexterity, etc). Don't say "counters" as not everyone will be using miniatures and counters.
  • Scars of War - don't have permanent HP or AC bonuses like this. Those values will quickly go beyond the scale of the game, particularly since it's easy to engineer the bonus (as I described above). Use temporary hit points. "Survive a fight" isn't strictly defined.
  • "Who's you daddy" - what is the DC of the saving throw? This is hearing based, so does the creature have to be able to understand your language? "once per short rest" - it seems everyone uses this phrase, and it's ambiguous and should not be used. Use the phrase in the PHB: "You must finish a short rest before you can use this feature again."
  • "Battle enthusiasm" - damage values do not scale to attack bonuses. Damage tend to increase with level, but a +1 attack bonus retains its value.
  • "Carnage" - By "total health" you mean "maximum hit points". Does the advantage time out?
  • "Wicked Sick" - +4 bonus to attack rolls is massive. Also pay attention to what kinds of attacks you are granting this to. As written it would work with spell attacks as well (if you are multiclassing).
  • "Warcry" - "CA" should be AC.
  • "Come at me!" - "Each creature after the first that hits you " - is this per turn? "damage reduced by your constitution modifier" - not gamebreaking, but 5e design has all but removed this kind of DR, it's reasonable to just use 5e's normal damage resistance here. Specify what kinds of attacks and damage types this works against.
  • "Adrenaline" - does this work against all kinds of damage, even psychic? You don't "heal" hit points, you "regain hit points" (I know this sounds pedantic, but it's about standardizing the terminology)
  • "DECAPITATIOOOOOOOON!" - does it work on creatures that do not have heads? I'm not fond of all these percentage values, when other similar mechanics in the PHB use a set limit on HP (compare this with power word kill) What is the DC of the saving throw? "u" -> "you". What does "sprint for 20ft." mean, does it just mean you can move 20 feet?
  • "Homicidal rage" - it's not a skill, it's a class feature.
  • "Bloody traits" - you need to explain how these are gained, it looks like you get one at some set levels?
    • Again with the sprinting. Advise you read the section in the PHB about movement.
    • "you don't ignore opportunity attacks " I'm not sure how this factors in.
    • What is the DC for the saving throw for Gore? Is the save made when the counter is placed, or when you deal damage? When does the frightened condition end?
    • Damage does have "elements", do you mean damage type? Can I pick force or psychic? Do I pick the damage type when I gain this feature, or can I pick a different one each time?
    • "you cannot be pushed, pulled or shifted" - I can tell that you've come to this from 4e. You should try and forget the 4e rules, perhaps read through the 5e PHB combat chapter again.
I'll leave the archetypes for another time. Marasmusine (talk) 15:17, 7 March 2016 (MST)
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