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I created this revamped version of the alternate class feature to address some problems with the class. Here is a list of problems and solutions to those pronlems.

No scaling/epic level progression: changed individual forms bonuses into a single slowly growing bonus. This bonus fllows a pattern that will work easily for Epic Level progression.

Remaining Epic progression problems: Epic Wild Shape feats are still not useable. New feats would need to be created to resolve this.

Money and gear having zero meaning while in forms: Allowed passive enhancements from gear. Reduced gained Natural Armor from size increases to compensate (further reduction might be required if balance becomes an issue). By level 20, in Dire Predator (large size) your Strength bonus in form is +12 with a +8 natural armor enhancement. In huge treant form (+16 strength and +10 Natural armor).

Clutter on Character sheet/old forms becoming underpowered/obsolete: Reduced total number of forms to two. Converted the other forms into buffs for one or both forms. Wings for predator (replaced the bird form), Ability to increase the size of your forms by one category (replaced slayer and partially elemental forms). Elemental Aspests buffing either form, (replaced Elemental form).

Elemental form having no flavor or benefit beyond being beefy: Added paetial elemental qualities for each elemental type. Adds flavor and utility to the ability. Further Elemental Traits could be drafted into a feat (normal or epic).

I modified Magic Fang to givd the PC the ability to add some effects to his attacks. I looked at +1 qualities and put down and quality that the druid could craft (assuming he had crafter feats) as possible temporary enhancements. Just tufns out that those 3 elements were the only ones (did not reference the MIC).

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