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your BAB table is wrong 3/4 bab starts at +0. mabye you should have looked at the shadowdancers progression while you were there copieng its other stuff. also this class is overpowered and has multiple things listed in the table that make no sense. the class gets both the shadow strike and shadow sneak attack class featers acoording to the table, and the damage dice changes every level, the shadow strike going to d5s, which dont exist, at level 4. your shadow companion, which was ripped from the shadowdancer allong with the entry reqs, gets a sneak attack. the racial requirement have nothing to do with the class, and sylvan isnt a creature type, its an alternate name for fey. the table shows the class gets seperate manifesting, but the class features say you get advancement of existing manifesting class as well. does the power requirement of 10 (i assume rower is supposed to be power) mean power points, powers known, or something else? there is also no max power level listed for the seperate manifesting. in addition the seperate power prog gets more PP at level 10 than a psion 10 and better bab. that needs to change. makeing the shadow jump thing at will is also overpowered. the any shadow you can see thing is overpowered, since that would let you scy a place and teleport there. all in all this class is basicly an overpowered and badly writen shadowdancer variant. if you think the shadowdancer is that bad, you should make "variant shadowdancer" class. giving 3 types of sneak attack is also incredibly overpowered and with a one level dip in the real shadowdancer (hide in plain sight) you can add normal sneak attack damge too. none of your class features say how they work, the simply say "you move to a new place" or "you turn into a shadow". as it stands, this class is unplayable because it does not explain how most of its class features work when they have a description, and half the features in the table have no description. you really need to look at [[1]] to figure out how this class need to work Zau 13:38, 30 May 2009 (MDT)

sorry. i made the orriginal class a long time ago, and didn't understand the game as well. i'm going to delete the current version, and add a completely new class. just wanted to point out that i made this class for when i change it.
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