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The class skills

Aura of Good-Faith

Divine Insight

Fortunate Dodge

Strings of Fate

Palm Reading

See Anything

Guardian of the Fateless

Are the ones that can break games fast.

Aura of Good-Faith is a large party buff that takes nothing from the Seer and the condition of them needing to be touch could easily be performed.

Divine Insight is a strong multi class skill. This could easily snow ball into something large if crossed with other classes. Cross classing with Druid comes to mind first.

Fortunate Dodge is a minor one but from any type of rouge attack seems a bit much.

Strings of Fate Is VERY strong. It could complete remove a story element from a game with out any one knowing and possibility no way of getting it back. Unless you are fighting another divine class, you could remove most threats out of the way since most wont make the save.

Palm Reading distribution of really good and really bad is not measured well. It is very easy to get some of the game breaking ones.

See Anything is too strong as you could change events of past and remove problems with little effort.

Guardian of the Fateless is too strong as it lets her remove themselves from harm complete and go back in time. A level 5 slot is not hard to give up either for this.

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