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Why is this a variant? Where's the original? Marasmusine (talk) 10:35, 15 July 2015 (MDT) --The original is 4e

Class looks pretty good so far, but here are a few thoughts for you...

First off, you really want to consider adjusting the rune point're going to need to adjust the cost of using runes and increase the pool size. The fact that an 11th level Rune Priest would be completely tapped out after casting the equivalent of Burning Hands twice just seems wrong, especially if this is meant to be a primary spellcasting class. (and given that their loadout is equivalent to that of a Cleric, I'm inclined to think that is the case). Also, it seems very wrong that Meteor Swarm only takes 50% more rune points to cast than Burning Hands does. As it stands, you currently have something on-par, then later inferior to a Warlock's spellcasting endurance, without their ability to refresh their endurance on a Short Rest. This present build of a runepriest is going to be completely tapped out of magic far faster than any other class.

I would suggest setting RP costs based on roughly equivalent spell-level. This should not be a linear scale. The impact caused by a 9th level spell significantly overshadows the impact caused by 9 first-level spells. You should also boost the overall pool of RP so that the number of spells per day is near but less than the number of spells another dedicated caster could drop (because a runepriest isn't bound by spell levels and could potentially spam 9th level spells). Or you could follow a similar path to how a Warlock does it and create alternate 'once per day' super-runes that fulfill the role of 6th level + spells.

On a more granular level...

Rune of Zombification provides a way to get permanent undead other class has this ability. The equivalent Animate Dead spell must be refreshed every 24 hours and can only manage so many undead at a time.'d need to clear up what kind of undead this rune creates

Glyph of the Beast: The form of wildshape you get from this rune is superior to the standard form of wildshape available to non-circle of the moon druids. They cap out at CR 1 creatures, you cap out at CR 3 creatures. You should also clarify how often you could use this ability. --Guildsbounty (talk) 11:07, 7 July 2016 (MDT)

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