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Stuff to Modify[edit]

First off, its an acquired template, but it never explains how one might go about acquiring it (like, if you swallow the seed, what kind of saves need to be made over how long of a time, how do you stop the process, like with Heal checks or whatnot before its too late, that sort of thing).

An addendum to the types of creatures it can apply to should be modified. Something like "living creatures" instead of just "creatures", since allowing it on undead adds some strangeness...not that outsider makes much sense either, so you may want to ban those two types.

The poison isn't elaborated on at all. Is it a poison that the rootpitter makes? What is the DC of the poison? What does the poison even do?

The cold environment thing is weird too, and offers no save or way for a character to get around that (nor does it even say what a cold environment is or link to the info on it in the SRD). In addition, as far as elemental concerns are... concerned, the fire damage should probably be 150% instead of double damage. Double damage is even more damage than a Cold Subtype creature takes from fire damage.

The hide penalty should probably be removed, since its kinda mean, plus, its not like they rely on plants to hide, they just take advantage of it when they can.

As for LA, I'm not sure, probably LA 1, but its hard to put a figure on just yet, without it in a more final version. Hope all this stuff helps you. --Ganteka 19:09, 25 May 2009 (MDT)

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