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I'm in the process of building this page...Pyper 17oct12

This race is not to be confused with the already existing one in the Monster Manual. Mine is patterned after Gollum from LotR, but treated as a race instead of an individual. I used the creature name from Time Machine because there is quite a lot of evidence that Tolkien was influenced by those creatures when inventing the character of Gollum. I suppose it could be said that my creature is more of a Tolkienesque 'Gollum' than a Wellsian Morlock. Pyper 17oct12

This page is more or less finished--there are a few details that need tweaking, but I think the main idea is there. I welcome any input/feedback. Pyper 18oct12


I am revising the languages for my 'world'...this will have some impact on the particular languages for the various creatures I've made. For now, I'm leaving this section blank. Pyper 9dec12

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