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Critique 1[edit]

I read your character build but there are some issues.

  • Dragonborn is a race, not a template.
  • Weapon Specialization on second level at fighter level 1 isn't possible. It requires fighter level 4.
  • Shock Trooper requires BAB+6 and Improved Bull Rush.
  • Charge only allows melee attacks (throwing a weapon is a ranged attack).
  • Large Goliat Greathammer damage is 3w6.


  • I was referring to Dragonborn of Bahamut. See link or Races of the Dragonborn for sourcing. I see that I incorrectly identified it as a race, fixed.

Weapon Specialization[edit]

  • The level 4 fighter requirement is definitely an issue. A level 10 Caviler qualifies. So does a level 6 Warblade. This is a prerequisite for Ranged Weapon Mastery and possibly other feats. Some rework is required to properly fit weapon specilization into this build. Some options to consider are:
    • Fix Option 1: A Fighter2/Warblade4 qualifies. So insert 3 levels of Warblade just before your Bloodstorm Blade levels.
    • Fix Option 2: Insert 2 level of fighter just before your Bloodstorm Blade levels.

Shock Trooper[edit]

  • Agreed that a BAB+6 and Improved Bull Rush are required.
  • Take Improved Bull Rush at level 3.
  • Take Shock Trooper at level 6.
  • Move Precise Shot and Point Blank Shot to take ASAP, displacing Weapon Specialization.
  • Need to work on overall build to rework in the feats.

Large Heavy goliath greathammer[edit]

  • A Medium Goliath Greathammer is 1d12. Large is 3d6. Make it out of gold (Heavy Weapon) for another 1d6. For a total of 4d6.
  • Heavy Weapon is found in Magic of Faerum.
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