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This page has many balance and grammar issues, I will be listing the balance issues here:

  • Ability Score Increase. Remove subrace bonus, too powerful as it is now
  • Mechanical Exoskeleton. This is beyond broken, you are giving them better unarmed defense then the best unarmed defense in the game the monk's, increase their base AC to 12 and instead have it be 12 + Dexterity modifier.
  • Living Machine. Once again very powerful not being able to not breath, eat, drink, or sleep is already considered incredibly powerful and poison resistance and it gets even worse. Remove not being able to eat or drink and make it infrequent say 1 week of oil or ect. Also add that you are unable to heal from any source except hit dice and sleeping to balance it.
  • Core Energy Recovery. You can take a short rest and not have to rest again for 24 hours? Remove getting any benefit from short rests.
  • Weaponized Body. Change to action, bonus action too powerful
  • Doll's beauty. Too powerful, make race pick one
  • Rose with thorns. Being a light weight robot with no strength you have a better change of getting a critical hit? Should be removed.
  • Magical Body. Remove because of change to Mechanical Exoskeleton
  • Various other balance changes need to be made

Base class score according to marasmusine meter

Ability Score Increase(1.5-2)


Mechanical Exoskeleton(3)

Living Machine(3)

Core Energy Recovery(2)

Base Class Score(10.5-11)(13.5-14.5 with sub-race), while the score of both of both the sub-race and base race should be 4-4.5

Sub races are a mess and adds a several more points to the score depending on which sub-race you choose.

War Doll

Ability Score Increase(0.5)

Combat Ready Matrix(0.5)

Weaponized body(2)

War Doll Score(3)

Play Doll

Ability Score Increase(0.5)

Doll's beauty(2)

Rose with thorns(1)

Play Doll Score(3.5)

Magic Doll

Ability Score Increase(0.5)

Arcane knowledge(0.5)

Magical Body(2)

Magical Body Score(3)

Most of these issues have been addressed, please bring anything else of concern up here, or on my talk page.--Blobby383b (talk) 13:40, 12 July 2017 (MDT)

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