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No spell should be better than fireball[edit]

There several problems with this spell which I will be listing. Overall, it has a very similar design to fireball but is only a second-level spell. It has comparable damage to fireball (avg. of 27 damage compared to fireball's avg. of 28 damage). It also has an extra (improperly formated) rider effect of blindness which is relatively powerful in itself. Fireball is an oddity among spells in that it is much more powerful then it should be for its level because wizards get it to offset the extra attack feature on fighters. Not every casting class gets fireball because it is so powerful and it is normally a large boon if they do get it but this spell is available to half of the casting classes. These problems really should get addressed, if you are having problems trying to fix them, look at the Spell Design (5e Guideline) page. TeslaFistforge (talk) 13:13, 20 September 2020 (MDT) this is for jaroidia setting, everything in jaroidia settin is better than their non jaroidia counterparts.

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