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Terminology Issues. And Grammar issues. And Other Issues.[edit]

As the title may have given away, this page has some issues. First of all, terminology. Thrusting damage isn't a thing, and neither is electricity damage. Perhaps you meant piercing and lightning damage? Secondly, grammar. Where are the capital letters? In addition, wording as a whole needs improvement. Next is one I almost never have to talk about, and that is repetition. You said it's magic twice, you have a entire second saying it's a longsword when at the top it says it's a lot longsword, and you say roll for lightning damage twice. Now on to the "Leveling" section, to which I have to say: why is this here? Is it some kind of feature? I think it should be deleted. Finally, where is the fluff? This page is bare bones, all game mechanics and no history or lore. Conclusion: 2/5. Rarity needs a change, grammar and terminology needs improvement. Sincerely, Gekkouga (talk) 20:48, 13 April 2017 (UTC)

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