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Balance issues
  • What are the "effective advantages and disadvantage of each size"? Do you understand the ramifications of large size?
  • Who is it making the Charisma save with consume heart? If I've turned 100 enemies into heartless, do I get to summon 100 heartless for an hour every day? How do they manifest? Since they get the traits of a heartless, can they also consume heart, so I can recursively summon an massive army?
  • Surface crawl. Which surfaces can I or can't I stick to?
  • Claws. So a 1st level monk melee heartless deals the damage of an 11th level monk. What are "unarmed based classes"? Do you mean monk?
  • Pounce. Please have a look at some of the pounce abilities in the Monster Manual to see how this should look.
  • What is a "shadowcaster cantrip", "net of shadows"?
  • Both the subraces have the same natural armor trait, so how about putting that in the base traits.
  • The whole thing is overpowered. Marasmusine (talk) 04:27, 24 November 2016 (MST)
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