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wow, this is WAY too overpowered. +8 to both str AND con? that's ridiculous. and with that and all the other bonuses, it's only a LA +3? not even! I would give it at least a +6, or, more likely, make it a HECK of a lot weaker, as this is way too over the top.

its got 7 racial hd and a +3 la. thats a 10th level character. its not OP. since its a griffon, it cant use a weapon or shield. the only issue i see is its favored class. a int/cha based favored class for a race wth mad penalties to both stats is weird. over all this is pretty weak. cmpair it to a 10th level barbarian. the barb will mop the floor with this --Name Violation 17:53, 21 April 2010 (UTC)
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