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Please do not vote/rate this yet, as its a work in progress. But i’d like some input to help balance it out

This Gnome race is loosely based on the old D&D race of Tinker Gnomes, who are inquisitive and inventors, not just with mechanical devices but magic also.

I am thinking of changing the Ability Modifier to +2 Con +2 Int -2 Str -2 Wis or even +2 Con -2 Wis

Before you get into it...[edit]

Take a look at the gnomes from Dragonlance. This is a brief description of them:

"Gnomes (also called minoi or tinker gnomes) were created after Reorx, god of the forge, cursed the scions that were helping him in forging the world after these tried to develop items for themselves.

Gnomes are quite short with brown skin. They are constantly thinking of new inventions and have developed a tendency for speaking faster than the Common speech. Each gnome is given a life-quest which must be accomplished, but is passed on from generation to generation if not completed. Their names are created by basically repeating the history of their entire ancestry and can go one for volumes if not stopped. Also, gnome inventions have a reputation for never working since once something works perfectly, there is no enjoyment in fixing it." -- Irykyl 08:14, 21 March 2012 (MDT)

-- Thanks -- I got the old Dragon lance book and got the discription from there, thats where I got the Idea as I always liked them. thats one of the resons I was thinking of changing of loosing the Con bonus for Dex. Im writting better discriptions to match dragonlance. but my time is a little bit limited atm. Aming at the balance of the Stats first then getting onto the Discription --Villain 72 01:25, 24 March 2012 (MDT)

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