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I'm still working on ways to balance out the elementalist's attack bonus and varied skills. The idea of its creation was to create a strong, but fair character class that would be used to push clueless players along in a storyline, to keep things moving.

The whole familiar idea is my pet project in leveling. Unfortunately, with agic items, it results in lv 4 common household cats being able to, with a bit of luck, hold its own against a minotaur. (not kidding). If anyone has any ideas of how to balance that further, I'd be appreciative --Macarisil Moonash 08:29, 19 May 2007

Edit: In order to balance the PERSONAL power of the elementalist, the ability to have a familar has been entirely removed. --Macarisil Moonash 16:10, 12 Nov 2008

Edit: Additional limitations have been set, such as the removal of saving 'spell points' and the casting of as many spells per level in the prepared section. (now, it is limited to two per spell level). The epic section has been fixed. What remains is a lot of word editing, some formatting, which people are welcome to constructively change, to make this more readable, as well as finally making the Spellbook accessible on this wiki. --Macarisil Moonash 06:21, 17 Nov 2008

Major change to the class: Though I was not logged in, I changed the armor ability for the elementalist. It is tricky to bypass, and nigh impossible without PH2, or a homebrew, is nigh impossible to overcome. However, while playtesting the class, even WITH all the power I have packed into this class, it was not keeping up (mind you, I was at the BACK of the battle, too), with clerics, bards, sorcerers... not to mention the alternate fighter types from some of the 'darkness' books, like the Vile darkness, swashbucklers, etc, in terms of damage OR survivability. Thus, I incorperated a possible way for you to increase your survivability... since, unlike the wizard or sorcerer, casting mage armor all the time simply isnt feasable with the limited repeats of spells. The particular instance that forced me to make this change was, in this ECL 7 campaign... my ECL4 (lv4, standard wild-elf druid) was out meleeing, out damaging, and out-surviving in every possible way (especially AC) this elementalist. Most of the characters were lv3, with +3 or +4 in race or abilites. Myself, I was running a Chosen of mystra, with the stipulation that I could cast the 1/day spells only up to one level higher than my level (so no prismatic spray at lv 1 *cry*) Now, a chosen of mystra WITH the spellfire feat is quite overpowered. Or so I assumed. Regardless, a regular, standard campaign lv 4 druid, with 19hp (con 8. not a good idea) was out surviving this class. This alone caused me to rethink some of the rules, but it was when the Bard started being more useful than my elementalist... three encounters in a row, that I had to act. A bard is the class well put by this: roll 1d20. On a 1, the bard screws everyone over by doing something stupid. On a 20, hes useful! Anything else, he does nothing to change anything. Just thought I'd share.

Penumbra d20 - Occult Lore[edit]

There is a d20 publication called Occult Lore, which I own currently, which has a balanced version of this base class in it. xido 22:48, 9 August 2007 (MDT)

Is is this same base class, and is it copyrighted? Also, if it is not copyrighted, could you update this to match that version? --Green Dragon 21:30, 10 August 2007 (MDT)
This is not that same base class, it is something created for the purpose of a multi-planar with varying magic campagin of high level. It doesn't use the same abilites or spells, or anything else like it as far as I know... --Macarisil Moonash
Good, then we should not have to worry about it. --Green Dragon 22:51, 29 August 2007 (MDT)
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