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So, I haven't finished. But tell me if you have ideas for more abilities, or other tips. Please, any advice, rating, ect. is awesome, though I'd like it if you could post ideas here and then I will add them, just in case something doesn't fit with the class I had in mind. -r2d2go

Done! Tell me what you think. -r2d2go

Just attempted to balance it a bunch after realizing how OP it was. Still no views. Sadface. -r2d2go

Hey, it's me, a few years older and wiser in the ways of D&D. Out of nostalgia, I'll be fixing this horrible, horrible class, but it'll take awhile. Cheers for the reviews, though! --R2d2go (talk) 02:42, 11 February 2015 (MST)

class like this should be prestige class, not base class[edit]

Also there is no reason to limit the alignment.

You may want to make your base power usable at will and use manipulation points for improvements. This is just the normal method, however, and I don't see anything fundamentally wrong eith this mechanic.

Don't give BAB and skill ranks. Give bonuses to attack rolls and skill bonuses.

You also need to clarify some of your earth manipulation powers, especially the summoning ability.

I would review this, but it isn't letting me.

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