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Are we ready to finalize this and begin to format the base classes? Discuss it Here

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Talk:Druid (Evaluational Base Class Layout)
Link to Discussion Overview of Discussion Voting Result
1. Overview Overview of Ideas talked about in more depth later. None
2. Span id? Talks about span id's and L5 headers and how classes can use them for abilities. L5 and L6 headers will replace span id with div class supplement being present re-opened due to CSS issues in IE browers.
3. Capitalized Abilities in Tables? Talks about whether or not abilities should be capitalized in titles. Abilities, unlike how WotC does it, will be capitalized in tables.
4. Base Attack Bonus Alignment Talks about the alignment of the BAB in the table. The BAB will stay normal sized and centered in the table
5. Blank Lines Before Table Talks about how many blank lines are good before a table. CSS modified to add spacing before table
6. The Epic Table Talks about which epic table looks the best. No 3 was chosen
7. Templates
     7.1. Template:Description Needed Talks about Template:Base Class Description Needed. Moved to bottom and wording re-done only for Base Classes
     7.2. Template:Wikify Talks about Template:Base Class Wikify. Moved to bottom and wording re-done only for Base Classes
          7.2.1. Template:Wikify (Bold) Talks about formatting for Template:Base Class Wikify. Wording & entire layout changed
          7.2.2. Template:Wikify (Small) Talks about formatting for Template:Base Class Wikify. Still Being Discussed
     7.3. Template:Balance Talks about Template:Balance. No change
     7.4. Template highlighting Talks about highlighting for all templates. Question answered with reference to another kind of table.
     7.5. Template width Talks about width for all templates.   They will stay at 100% width
     7.6. div.messagebox Talks about changing the CSS around to encompass changes being discussed. Still Being discussed
     7.7 Back to Footer (breadcrumb) Talks about the "Back to" footer and how to make it better. See the "Back to" footer on Druid (Evaluational)
          7.7.1. Back to Footer (breadcrumb) (usefulness) Talks about whether or not the "Back to" footer is important. It is important
8. Bots? Sees whether or not a bot could auto-format the classes. A bot cannot do that
9. Class skills
     9.1. Base attributes Talks about whether or not attributes should be present in class skills. Attributes will be present
     9.2. Table: The Druid Talks about whether or not class skills should be present in the table. They will stay in the table
10. Table header Talks about how the table should look. Saving throws are now clumped together under the same header
11. Example NPCs Talks about whether or not each class should have an attached example NPC Template:Base Class NPC Recommended will be present on the talk pages of classes until a NPC is made.
12. TOC Content and format of the table of contents. See the TOC on Druid (Evaluational)
13. L4s Changing the CSS to give L4s a purpose again. Just started
14. Merging Epic Rules Integrating epic rules into the base rules Epic rules stay separated.
15. Other Random questions that have nothing to do with formatting.
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