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This is a more overpowered and overloaded version of the other bounty hunter class. Seriously though, it's unoriginal, and should be classified as a variant. You just overloaded the class and replaced one of the 3 archetypes. Being able to cast Hunter's mark for free at 1st level, having it be a 2nd level spell at level 3, 3rd at 6, 4th at 9th, 5th at 12, 6th at 15, and 7th at 18 means you can cast a 7th level spell as much as you please come level 18.

I specifically want to point out "take 1d4 damage, regardless of how much the attack would've normally done." on the Half & Half archetypes. So on a boss monster, say some boss has some stupid high damage ability, you instantly either

A)Don't take damage and deal 1/4 back (previously in that ability)

  • or*

B)Take a D4 of damage, better luck next time :P

All you did was take a fairly well balanced class, and throw as much stuff in it as possible in order to break it.

This should be classified as Bounty Hunter, Variant because it's almost the exact same class. As a DM, I wouldn't even think twice about allowing a player to use this and I already have another player using the original.

Hello there, I'm the author of the original Bounty Hunter. After coming on I saw your version & read through it myself. I'm going to say, not a bad job... but like the others say on here, you've added way too much. I originally had a very OP class with the bounty hunter, I'm not going lie, I got grief & saw my class being constantly pulled on the unbalanced page. Now, I'm not saying you class is over powered. Just change a few things, make sure it's not over-loaded. Now, as you've put, this is a variant for the Eberron which is understandable. Yet keep in mind, the reason people make these classes on here, is to express our ideas & make a class people will play. Good Luck to you & I hope you take my advice as well as everyone else's. -Roboflame777 (P.S: To the person to commented above me, having fun with my class?)

Honestly I would remove bounty hunter's outfit, foulrish, evasion, hunter's pact, make archery fighting style just fighting style for both archery & dual wielding, add ranger spell slots, and add a "firearms expert" feat just like crossbow expert. That would just make it a ranger who had proficiencies with rifles and pistols. Maybe let shadow sniper lose the sniper's mark and focus more on staying in stealth, 3rd level shadow sniper can have a silencer pistol attachment,IDK. I just think it can be fun, but having uncanny dodge then the next level having evasion is a little unnecessary. Not trying to nitpick, -Random Tom Joad

Oh Boy... Been a while since I've checked this page out... Alright. Hello Tom Joad, If you're just some random Tom, Sorry, I'm just gonna announce you with the name given. Not going to lie, I think the creator of this variant has pretty much given up or just left this class. But guess what, you got the next best thing, the original Bounty Hunter's creator... 10 months late... Anyways. So concerning your ideas. Granted... The Shadow Sniper's "sniper's mark" could be removed to advance stealth, and These benefits such as the outfit (not mine), Flourish (Don't think it's mine. Been a while.), etc. IF those were removed, you know what you get? A ranger that can use guns. WHICH. IS. DULL. Now, I'm not saying Ranger's are Dull, I've had my fair share of fun ranger builds (Mainly the Revised and new subclasses but that still counts.) and There is an obvious merge with the 'Ranger' Class in this build. Why? Cos Rangers are basically the ones you'd see using only range weapons. And if Firearms were allowed in D&D, which would you choose? The Ranger or the Rogue... More likely the Rogue, but you get the point, hopefully. I'm ranting now... (Duh.) Anyways, What I'm saying is, if you get rid of all the stuff in a class that makes it unique... It's not going to be a fun class to play. Now This might not be MY version of the class, however there is something with it that I can... Enjoy. If you're wanting to check out the original, by all means, run through that and you might think differently, or not. Honestly could not care (Says the man who just wrote 7 and a half, no 8 lines to prove a point, my god this man is a genius, since I'm only making the post bigger by ranting with a 4th wall break.) So, yeah. I guess I'm over doing this, and you'll probably never read this, but eh. I enjoyed the involvement in this wiki again. Peace. (11 lines to prove 1 point baby, that's how I roll.) - Roboflame777

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