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After going through all the PrCs to add the infobox, it seems that this has been long overdue.

As with the evaluational base class layout, this sample layout is based on the newer format WotC is using their more recent source books. I started with that and from there made changes, based on what was changed with base class layout:

  • The key abilities are listed next each skill even though the new format no longer has the key abilities listed.
  • Also with the class skills the colon is replace with a <br/> to avoid crowding.
  • All the class features in the class table are capitalized and hyperlinked to the descriptive text.
  • Each class feature is anchored using {{#anc:}}.
  • Added Infobox, formatting, description, and stub templates.
  • Changed the layout of the headers in the class progression table.

From this point, I made two changes. The first is that an ex-class section has been added. The SRD does not say what happens, if anything, when a character no longer meets an entry requirement. In the Complete Warrior, WotC stated that if a character no longer meets an entry requirement, they keep the BAB, BSBs, skills, and HD gained, but lose all class features. Though this blanket rule may work with classes within the Complete Warrior, there are a number of PrCs that break under this it [dragon disciple, survivor (Savage Species), and ur-priest (Book of Vile Darkness, Complete Divine) to name a few], and a few others that simple don't make sense. (Why would a rogue 6/assassin 10 go from 8d6 to 3d6 with his sneak attack damage just because he becomes good?) Then there's the other extreme by saying there are no consequences for no longer meeting the entry requirements, which also has it's issues (e.g. a good-aligned blackguard). The ex-class section allows authors to explicitly spell out what the consequences are for no longer meeting an entry requirement.

The second change is with the epic section. With a number of classes, many entries in the epic section merely state what's already been said in the main class features section, so the two have been merged. Generally speaking, class features tend to follow the same rules into epic levels as they do in the first 10+ levels. If they don't, the author simply makes a note of it. See spells for an example.

Also, note that even though this demo has Weapon and Armor Proficiency section, it will be absent from the preload as to discourage PrCs from granting them. See prestige class design guidelinesSledged (talk) 14:39, 24 February 2008 (MST)

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