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Just Some Comments[edit]

Hey MCage, looking over your race here. As I read, going through physical description (the physical description could probably do with flipping the height and weight after the basic "they look like goats stuff" that comes later on), personality and relations, right away I feel the fey-ness and wildness of it...and then you kill the mood by getting technical with the alignment. Saying .5% is totally unnecessary and is probably better off with just "rarely lawful". After that, the flavor is rather sparse and really only does a bit above the bare minimum. Some more flavor would really help here to set it apart from the loads of other races around... and wait, is this race supposed to be a crossbreed of some sort? Some of the stuff you describe sounds like it is, but it never really comes out and says if it is.

Now, when I get to the Racial Traits, right away, I gotta say, ability score modifiers are never odd numbers, ever. Also, why all the Racial Hit Dice? Those HD (along with the LA) really make this race hard for players to access. At a quick glance, you could probably drop all the HD and go for LA+2 (it would be a weak LA +2). They really don't get a whole lot that would make them overpowered. Or, you could probably go with 2 or 3 Fey HD and drop the LA altogether (the LA gets eaten up by the racial HD, and fey HD aren't that great anyways, so fewer is better for taking more class levels). Also, why the crappy Darkvision (which is usually 60 minimum)? There is probably a few other minor things (spelling and formatting, why there are no last name examples, why the random starting ages aren't random and why dice numbers aren't listed for random height and weight), but nothing else is jumping out at the moment.

Hope all this helps you out (and I hope I get a chance to talk to you in The Tavern).--Ganteka 23:44, 27 April 2009 (MDT)

Hey check out the MM5, there is a race in there that this is based off of, the only different part are the special abilities, the stats/racial HD, and some of the qualities are the same, that's why i made the lvl adjustment as it is, and yes, they do come in odd numbers just like my Billore.

The campaign setting these are for takes place on a lawfully tainted prime material, the .5% is really for that campaigns reference, please if you wish to use this race feel free to take that out its really just for the campaign world (which atm is really unfinished)

I kind of liked the high HD and LA, i didn't intend these to have class lvls, i mean in my campaign setting everything has the option to take class lvls if it makes sense for them, there is the rare city dwelling Billore or one that interacts with people frequently enough that they might learn a class, but most are content in whimsically traveling between festivals and parties. Also Billores don't have last names when they come from Billore tribes, the odd one that a player gets if he came up with a city based backstory sure last name it up, but that would be based off the society that Billore grew up in, in basic Billore tribes there are no last names.

But you are right the flavor is weak on these guys, they are indeed a crossbreed and its embarrassing but your right i didn't put that in (*facepalm*), the thing about last names isnt there, lots of stuff isn't. I know it says complete too, messed up on that. Thanks for your criticisms ill fix what i can when i can get back to it. --MCage 8:25, 21 May 2009 (PST)

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