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List Compiled By: JayeLovee (talk)

But really, I could not have created this insane collection of items if not for the original authors of the works below. I claim no ownership of anything listed here, unless otherwise stated.

If I have reflavoured or rebalanced your own creation(s), and forgot to credit it, then by all means feel free to add a link below to your original work, or let me know. I promise you, I have no intention of claiming your work as my own.

Credits are listed in the order they appear. Clicking each link will take you to the original item:
Firearms + related mechanics
Autognome Explorer&Soldier + related mechanics
Frostchunk Bomb
Thunderclap Bomb
Meltburn Bomb
Wixie's Wrist Whacker
Slicktorque's Greasy Lanter
Plinko Permaslam's Power Prosthesis Mark I-V
Gritspigot's Piston-Powered Exo-Gloves
Urmacog's Thermaclub
Sparkfire Pipeweed
Trixfizz's Trove
Flickford's Lifter
Coreblitz's Bag of Colding
Modmore's Switchblade Shield
Hawkeye Kohl + Hawkeye Kohl Paste
Cardsharp's Magical Deck of Many Misdirections
Hammerbat's Hooded Cloak of Hiding
Gilspot's Clockwork Bow
Cogblade's Wristwraps
Copperbonk's Potion Launcher
Autognome Explorer&Soldier + related mechanics

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