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Nice job cleaning this up from the original![edit]

There are still a couple points of for confusion me. 1) Tentacle Susceptibility and Tentacle loving seem contradictory. 2) Regarding spells:

a) "She may cast a spell a number of times equal to 3 + Charisma modifier." Does "a spell" mean "each spell" or "spells per day". Suppose I have an anime girl who knows 6 spells and has a charisma modifier of 2. Can she cast each spell 5 times per day for a total of (5 times per day x 6 spells known) 30 spells per day? Or can she cast a total of 5 spells, no matter which spell, in a single day? For former seems very powerful, the latter very wimpy. The 30 spells per day scenario may not seem that powerful considering the anime girl's limited spells known, but at higher levels with a higher charisma? Suppose a charisma of 20 and a caster level of 9. Such an anime girl would be able to cast 8 Power Word Kills in a day.
b) "She cannot cast a spell whose spell lever is greater than her caster level." This implies that an anime girl of caster 9 can cast a 9th level spell. Per the caster level=2/3 class level formula, the anime girl will be casting 9th level spells at level 15 (2/3*15 class levels=10 caster level, which means 9th level spells are castable). Wizards don't get 9th level spells till level 17, and sorcerers at level 18. The spell level accessibility progression may need some revision?

My adjustments?[edit]

  • I have a player who's playing this class. She never cosplays the magic type because of the small spell selection and wimpy caster level (which originally was 1/2*class level). I upped the caster level to be 3/4 class level, but kept the spell level access to 1/2*class level rounded up (she'll get 9th level spells at level 17). Also, I ended awarding 2 spells at each level, and allowing both divine, arcane, and psionics at level 1. With only 2 spells per level, she's lacking in versatility big time. Allowing divine spells at level 1 instead of 4 hardly seemed to make an impact (and it was easier to code for PCGen).
  • I've also made some adjustments just to make it easier to create something for PCGen. Usually, a choice was allowed for Cosplay levels (such as mobility and low light vision for the cat/rogue type), I just awarded both. Doing so didn't seem too powerful, and it simplified PCGen to such an extent I pretty much sigh with relief every time I think about it.
  • No tentacle loving
  • Different rules about changing costumes. 20 mins to change until level 6, then full-round action to change until level 12, then swift action (magically!). Level 1 may only use one costume type per day (but can choose any of the 3 cosplay types). Level 4 may change into up to 2 of the costumes, and level 8 can access all three cosplay types in any given day.

If anyone is interested in my PCGen data set for anime girl, shoot me an email at syneran@ yah oo. co m. Included is a pdf detailing what I've done (it's mostly accurate, anyway). Even if you don't like my personal take on this class, the data files may give you a good leaping off point for your own. Syneran 07:49, 13 March 2012 (MDT)

Detect Traps Ability[edit]

Only female characters may become anime girls

This alone leads me to believe you know nothing about anime girls. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk). Please sign your posts.


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