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the animatronic race is a bit of a mess. for instance you haven't even made a speed. first off, second off it's made out out metel which animatronics usually are, it should not only have immunity to diseases in my opinion it should have poison immunity as well, as there are no organs to poison. and even if theres a body in it, IF there is; the body is dead. plus there's a lot you can do for this race such as subraces which haven't even implimented yet and the other thing is the damage reduction animatronics are VERY DURABLE so only -1 damgage I find is an insult. and the tools check is a little too high and it needs to be probably specified as tinker's tools as it would make the most logical sense. and finally "april fools"... I'd love to be able to play it and not be an april fools. I see a lot of potential for this and love to be able to edit this if possible. NOTE: I am very new this but and I won't be able to be reached for a while for the stuff I need to be contacted with is gone I'm typing from a school computer but again, LOVE TO TRY.

Feel free to edit this race if you feel that you can improve on it. I will say it is pretty unlikely that this race will not have the April Fools tag on it, because I don't think a walking, talking animatronic will be taken seriously in most campaigns. --PJammaz (talk) 16:14, 13 March 2020 (MDT)
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