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In MLP: FiM, there are only 2 Alicorns in existence: Princess Celestia and Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon. The Alicorn has an unfair advantage over all other types of ponies and therefore is not a good "race" of pony. Instead of taking something that can only fly, why not take something that can also use magic? I fear the temptation would be too great for everyone to just all be Alicorns.

There's no reason why this race has to be in a MLP campaign.[1] If the race is balanced correctly, then there shouldn't be any parties exclusively made from overpowered alicorns. Marasmusine 02:46, 7 January 2012 (MST)

This is a fact and thank you for showing me the folly of my perception. I'll just have to go and fix this mistake.

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