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So, how does absorb work? I absorb an ochre jelly and now I can split in two? I also can't think of any racial abilities that require a particular ability score. How does wobbling along as an ochre jelly give me +8 bluff?

Also, in D&D, blood drain results in a Constitution drain, not HP loss. (See Stirge, Vampire, anything else with blood drain)

Also, can you explain the "Symbiote Subtype"? Thanks. Marasmusine (talk) 00:54, 21 November 2013 (MST)

If it absorbs an Ooze, it can split in two, but loses control of one of them. And this is a different blood drain. Should have given it a different name, come to think of it, but also the symbiote subtype represents an inability to function completely without a host. As to the bluff, an ochre jelly cannot talk.
This really doesn't sufficiently explain how absorb works. Am I controlling the host's body? Can the host continue to act as normal? What is the Fortitude save?
I don't know what "has all of the creatures racial bonuses and abilities, except for those requiring an Intelligence or Wisdom score above its own." means - do you mean special qualities and special attacks (rather than ability scores?) I can't tell you how bad an idea that is (think of Pun Pun...)
How can the host get rid of you? Are there any limits on what the Host can be? (A ancient red dragon? A demilich? A swarm of bats?)
Excise says "lose levels equal to the levels it has gained in its host's body.", does this mean if I've been using (say, an ogre) as a host for a while, and gained 5 levels, then the host dies and I need to leave... I have a very good chance of losing those 5 levels?
I don't understand Blood Drain at all. You gain 5 hit points, then it mentions temporary hit points? What is the actual game effect of the Adsecula splitting? Marasmusine (talk) 03:37, 15 May 2016 (MDT)

This creature is interesting....[edit]

It sounds like a creature from a TV show about strange experiences that are investigated by FBI agents who run (a letter of the alphabet) files. But even if it wasn't inspired by the show. It is STILL interesting! Though I'm VERY confused by ANY reference to the creature's gender. I understand gender of the host being different, but NOT for the parasite. Reproduction seems to be an asexual process. Similar to an amoeba or other single celled creature. So do there to be references to genders seems confusing. One such reference is in the end describing the height of the creature.

I Hope I Fixed It[edit]

I looked over the comments made on this page and tried to adjust the page to fix the things mentioned here, i will list them -I added that you could only control one creature, so no you can't control both ochre jellies -I changed the name of the ability to blood transfusion to avoid confusion with existing concepts -I tried to make it even more dependant on the host creature to better reflect the Symbiote subtype -Bluff is language dependant so the skill wouldn't work anyways (I think) -Clarified that you are in complete control of the host -Set a Fort save to resist Absorb -Adseculans now gain extraordinary abilities and class abilities, not whatever nonsense was there before -Adseculans can be Excized by the death of the host or by the remove curse spell and a failed will save on the part of the Adseculan -the host must be one creature, the will save is only 16 so more powerfull creatures (especially spellcasters) should be able to resist the attack -Yes it may loose the levels (to discourage constantly shifting bodies), I clarified what happened when they were not lost. -the Blood transfusion ability now gives temporary hit points -As far as I can tell when the Adsecula splits it simply creates an NPC (that is likely to attack the nearest living things, namely the allies of the Adsecula) Hope that I got everything and this is now playable. --Teramin (talk) 21:24, 9 August 2018 (MDT)

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