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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Nine fox tails, each with a blue flame on the tips
Home Plane: Fox Fey Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Trickery, Illusions, Arts, Hidden Knowledge, and Protection
Clergy Alignments: Any
Domains: Protection, Knowledge, Trickery, Illusions
Favored Weapon: Staff and Dagger

Taichiro, the Thousand Tailed Fox Goddess of Illusions and Protection. She is both wise and elusive, and loves both riddles and hidden meanings to the world. Taichiro is the god of trickery, protection, the arts and hidden knowledge. She is the mother of the Kitsune race, and taught them the ways of illusions and trickery to protect themselves.


To search out hidden mysteries in the world, make fortune, and trick others. Senseless killing is personally against her, because all things have a place. It is better to deceive an enemy than take their life. Additionally, many travelers take her as a patron deity, as her curiosity is endless, and she is easily satisfied if you give her trinkets and bits of knowledge that are interesting. She loves tea, and finds that certain types of tea have certain types of medicinal and spiritual properties.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clergy of Taichiro usually wears various flowing, intricately gowned garments. It is common for any member of the temple to wear a fox mask. They collect various scrolls, and often become scribes or librarians. When out to journey, they play games and riddles to earn a living. They are often friendly, if sly and mischievous. Many of their temples are known for their hot springs or public baths and are always considered places where travelers can have free room and board for a night, no questions asked. Also, the tea they serve is to die for, litterally.

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