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Author: Edymnion

Sword of Omens[edit]

Major Artifact

The Sword of Omens is +1 Holy Adamantine Shortsword with a large gemstone embedded in the hilt just below the blade. Although not a sentient weapon per say, it does have the ability to Determine Alignment of anyone who holds it, and reacts accordingly.

For Good aligned characters, the Sword of Omens is capable of firing a ray of Holy energy similar to a Ray of Frost. This ray requires a Ranged Touch Attack to hit, and does 1d3+1 points of Holy damage plus 1d2 points of Electricity damage.

For Neutral characters, the Sword of Omens functions only as a +1 Adamantine Shortsword.

For Evil characters, the Sword of Omens refuses to function at all, and deals 1d6 points of Holy damage every round they attempt to grasp it.

However, by covering the catseye gemstone in the hilt, either by wrapping it in cloth or covering it with an opaque substance, blinds the eye and the sword loses all of it's powers and reverts to a +1 Adamantine Shortsword, regardless of the user's true alignment.

Special: For every week any character posses the Sword of Omens, they must make a Will Save (DC 10 + 1 per week since the last alignment shift) to avoid an alignment shift towards Lawful Good. However, once the character becomes Lawful Good (if they were not already), they may be eligible to take the Lord of the Thundercats PrC.

The Lord of the Thundercats grants the wielder of the Sword of Omens a number of additional powers based on the sword. If the eye is blinded, the Lord of the Thundercats loses ALL granted abilities (including the ability to Call Sword) until the eye's sight is restored.

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