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Weapon (longsword), artifact (requires attunement)

The sword being an item made of pure light was crafted by an unknown god forgotten in time. The sword itself in order to not be Noticeable must be bound in a special guard made specifically for it otherwise the light will shine and illuminate all things near it. The item Requires the user to be of Good nature or better or its power will reject the user.
Random Properties. The Sword of Binding Light has the following random properties:

The user or anyone who touch's the blade must have resistance to radiant damage or suffer 1d4 damage every turn in combat or out of combat. (Does not affect the user if it is in it's special sheath)

Bane Of the Dark At level 5: When attacking with this item deal an extra 1d6 Radiant damage added to the base attack dmg of the weapon.

Reach of Heaven: At level 10:You can hit enemy's from up to 25ft away but you -1 to hit for every 5 ft out of your range they are.

Mark of the Divine: At Level 15: When you deal Radiant damage to an enemy they get a radiant Sigil burnt into their wound. they get dealt 1d6 damage every turn OR when they get attacked until they are next healed.

The Absolute One: At level 20: The sword begins to suck the light out of people. Heal half the damage dealt when this weapon is used.

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