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Weapon, Legendary (requires attunement)

Sutomubongureivu is a long, gray glaive with a wide dark gray/blue blade. The joint between staff and blade has a beast of lightning curled around it with soft blue mist drifting of its eye. It was once a soul sucking blade belonging to a great paladin of a storm god. However, he became greedy with power and attempted to oppose his god. Instead of killing him the god cursed him to feel no emotion, empathy and implanted a madness in his mind making him see everything as an enemy. During one of his killing rages he managed to end himself with his own glaive. The weapon absorbed his soul, but because of his immense power, his soul overwrote the already sentient being inside the glaive. Thus a new weapon was forged one more powerful than before. One imbued with the power of a godling cursed by his master. When the blade comes into contact with your enemies, it crackles with blue electricity. It has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls in both of its forms. In its melee form it deals an extra 2d10 lightning damage once per turn.

Shuriken Form

The glaive can morph between two forms: The glaive form and a glaive shuriken form. This is a two handed throwing weapon that deals 2d8 slashing damage plus 2d10 thunder damage. This weapon also has a +3 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls.


Sutōmubōngureivu has 10 charges. You regain 1d6 + 1 charges at each dawn.

- 1 charge: You cause a blast of force and thounder to blast your enemies. When you hit someone with Sutōmubōngureivu you can expend one charge to blast them up to 30 ft. away.

- 3 charges: You sweep Sutōmubōngureivu in a wide arc around you. Make a melee weapon attack to all hostile creature within 20 ft. of you, if it hits the creature take 2d10 lightning damage and cant take reactions till the end of your next turn.

- 5 charges: You strike the ground with Sutōmubōngureivu, and a sheet of blue energy expands over a 40 ft. cone centered on yourself. Each creature in that area must make a DC 15 wisdom saving throw or be put under the effect of a hold person spell. This does not require your concentration.

- 7 charges : You throw your glaive shuriken and cause it to spin with unnatural speed. All creatures within a thirty foot cone are struck by Sutōmubōngureivu (making a separate attack for each creature) as it hones in onto its target. The shockwaves of power emanating from it deals an extra d10 damage and knocks all targets into a certain area of your choice.


Sutōmubōngureivu is chaotic neutral with 22 intelligence, 22 wisdom, 18 charisma. It has truesight up to 20 ft.


After being trapped in its vessel so long its, mind has become dull. It has no empathy or feelings, and only does what is best for its user. Its time in its vessel has caused its idea of safety to be warped and is extremely paranoid. To resist its will you must succeed on a DC 16 wisdom saving throw. Over time Sutōmubōngureivu can be convinced to be less paranoid, if the bond with its user deepens exponentially.

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