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Symbol: An iridescent tear
Home Plane: The Chronos Dunes
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Space, the big picture, bias, uniformity, creation and destruction, consistency
Clergy Alignments: Neutral
Domains: Artifice Domain, Community Domain, Creation Domain, Destruction Domain, Knowledge Domain, Magic Domain
Favored Weapon: None
The holy symbol of Surza, an iridescent tear.

The Goddess of Space can change form, and does so to interact with mortals and some lesser gods, but prefers to keep her true form, which resembles a Matrika. It is still told in legends that she created the Matrikas in her image.


Surza is very ative in the world, favoring the most powerful of her disciples in her doings. She works with the greater scheme of things, affecting things on a large sale whenever she involves herself.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Of her few temples, many of them are falling into disrepair. This is not due to lack of caring on the part of her clergy, they take good care of her temples, but they have a tendency of falling apart regardless. Many ruins of her temples exist, and it is not uncommon to find temples that have sections that have simply fallen into rubble while still in use.

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