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This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.
This content deviates from 5th edition standards. Its use could dramatically alter campaigns, take extreme care. DesignDisclaimer.png
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This content intends to provide a different experience, or goes beyond the scope of the anticipated subjects and situations, than the 5th edition rules were intended to handle. Some portions of the content below may not be what you expect from traditional game content. When implementing this content, DMs and Players should read over all the information carefully, and consider the following specific notes of interest:
DO NOT USE THIS EPIC BOON! This boon was created only to document the abilities and items of Mubong Park from God of Highschool in a Dungeons & Dragons format!

Supreme God Maitraya[edit]

You have claimed the abilities and weapons of the Supreme God Maitraya. This boon along with the weapons given through this boon cannot be removed through any means.

Sixth Sense

You sense whenever a magical ability or spell is used on the same plane of existence as you. Additionally, you gain Blindsight out to a range of 100 miles.

Supreme God’s Body

All of your ability scores become 30, you gain expertise and advantage on all saving throws and skills, and your proficiency bonus doubles.

Supreme Telekinesis

You can cast Telekinesis an unlimited number of times without requiring material, somatic, or verbal components and without requiring concentration, regardless of weight or size.

Invisible Blows

You can cause invisible attacks to hit anyone within 60 ft of you, dealing 400 force damage per hit. Each attack uses up one of your own attacks.

Extra Attacks

You gain extra attacks equal to your level.

Portal Creation

You can create a portal to instantly travel anywhere within the multiverse, or instead forgo the portal and directly teleport to your desired location.


You know all cantrips and 1st - 9th level spells, and can cast them at will, requiring no material, somatic, or verbal components with a casting time of one action. Save DC is 50, +50 to hit with spells.

Magic Immunity

You are immune to all effects and damage from cantrips and spells of 1st - 9th level unless you choose to be effected.

Eye of the Supreme God

You have Truesight out to an unlimited range.

Wretched Touch

When you touch a creature, you can cause people to grow off of them, which then hug the creature and deal 500 bludgeoning damage.

Supreme Vitality

Your hit points increase by 10000 for every level you have. Additionally, you regenerate 10000 hit points every turn, provided you have at least one hit point remaining.


You regenerate all missing hit points and remove all diseases, curse, and status effects that are effecting you. You can also choose to target a creature other than you with this ability, so long as they are on the same plane of existence as you.


Creates a purple beam 100 ft wide that goes as long as you want. Everything that touches the beam and is not an artifact or living creature is instantly destroyed. All creatures take 100,000 force damage if caught in the beam. Objects that are gargantuan or larger are damaged beyond repair. If the target of this skill is the plane of existence itself, the plane suffers massive natural disasters of all sorts and become uninhabitable for 100 miles around where the beam struck, all for 1000 years.

Weapons (weapons cannot be stolen, gifted, destroyed, or lost, reappear next to you after 1 second if dropped, and can be summoned or dispelled as a bonus action)
First Symbol Mandala

A dagger that deals 400 piercing damage on a hit, and shoots a beam out of the tip that bypasses all barriers in between the weapon and the target and bypasses all resistance and immunities, dealing 4000 force damage.

Tathagata’s Second Weapon, The Second of the Eight Letters, Diamond Sutra (Bell of all Evils)

When shaken, the bell releases shock waves out to a range you decide within the same plane of existence as yourself, dealing 1000 force damage to all structures, and 400 force damage to anyone you choose, which cannot be avoided.

Vajra Phase 2 (Diamond Sutra)

When shaken, releases shock waves out to a range you decide within the same plane of existence as yourself, dealing 10,000 damage to all structures and 1000 damage to anyone you choose, which cannot be avoided. Additionally, you can release “Agonies,” which start at 108 and can increase up to 1800. Every 1 Agony deals an additional 100 force damage. When the ability “Empty Agonies” is used, all targets take 400,000 force damage.


Summons a large ethereal warrior which slams a spear onto an opponent, dealing 10000 piercing damage and 10000 force damage.

Thousand Hands

You create 1000 hands around you. Each hand can make its own attack, using your initiative and attack roll modifier, but going after you. Their attacks deal 100 bludgeoning damage each.

Tathagata’s Eight Symbols, Writing Unlocked

Indra’s Stone Statue & Badro (Kaleidoscope) Causes spikes to erupt out of anyone you choose within the same plane off existence as yourself, dealing 1000 piercing damage and 1000 force damage.

Third Stone Stature of Indra

You summon a spear which deals 4000 and/or can petrify anyone on the same plane of existence as yourself (save DC 50)

Fourth Kaleidoscope

Creates a net like barrier made of pure energy that no one can leave or enter, until they are allowed or the barrier is dispelled. The barrier lasts for as long as you want, you can make it in any shape and size, and cannot be dispelled by anyone but you.

Fifth Holy Book

Allows you to cast 10th - 12th level spells requiring no material, somatic, or verbal components and a casting time of one action 1000 times a day.

Ying & Yang

Ying, a golden cross on your right hand, can deal 10000 radiant damage, while Yang, a black cross on your left hand can deal 10000 necrotic damage.

Mt. Oheng

When you have both Ying & Yang activated, along with Thousand Hands, you can summon a massive pillar of made of multiple crosses made of several different elements stacked onto each other, which slams down onto an area 1 square mile wide, dealing 1,000,000 bludgeoning damage and 1,000,000 force damage to everyone under it and 100,000 bludgeoning damage and 100,000 force damage to everyone within 100 miles of the impact who were not protected by some form of 10th level or higher magic barrier.

A Single Ancient Holy Spear

You throw a spear which deals piercing damage to a creature and any clones and/or summoned creatures they have equal to their hit point maximum. Once done, the creature and its clones and/or summoned creatures have a cross shaped hole in their chest.

Satan’s Double Wings

Your walking speed is multiplied by 10 and you gain a flying and teleportation speed equal to your walking speed. These wings cause anyone hit you to lose the ability to regain hit points through any means. This lasts until you dispel the effect. Additionally, all damage you deal is maximized and doubled.

Maitraya’s Robes

Your AC increases by 50, and you gain immunity to all nonmagical, force, acid, thunder, necrotic, radiant, and poison damage, and resistance to all other damage. Additionally, all critical hits against you become normal hits. These robes are usually brilliant white, but, as a bonus action, you can cause the robes to change into any article of clothing you desire, or back into their original form. The robes maintain all of their stats regardless of form.

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