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This creature template is intended to be used as part of the Fortress Celestia campaign setting as a form of the aiar creature subtype.

Creating a Sukeb[edit]

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When a fur reaches old age after a successful career, it can become a sukeb. The fur can choose to be reborn into any form that suits its personality and meets one of the following sets of requirements:

Typically, sukebs choose races considered to be seductive or good healers by others, such as elves.

In game terms, sukeb are identical to the base creature in every way, including any special qualities and abilities, except as listed below. If the changes listed below conflict with something on the base creature's listings, the base creature characteristic is lost. To ensure the conversion is done correctly, make changes in the order listed.

Type, traits, abilities, etc.[edit]


Type is changed to outsider. The "celestial", "aiar", "lesser aiar", and "celestial humanoid" subtypes are added.

Outsider traits[edit]

Sukeb have all the features and traits listed on the 'SRD:Outsider Type' and 'SRD:Celestial Creature' pages except for the following: Hit points, hit dice, skills, fortitude, reflex, and will saves are unchanged from the base creature, except as per changes to ability scores above. Sukebs breathe, eat, sleep, and reproduce the same as their base creature, but can survive about twice as long as their base creature would without food or sleep. Sukeb can use all weapons, armor, and equipment their base creatures can, and can smite evil, but are born with no proficiencies.

When slain, the bodies of sukeb degrade much more rapidly than normal humanoids, releasing the soul onto whatever plane, world, etc. it happens to be on. Its soul suffers the same fate as a mortal's would, but there is no body left for resurrection. A new body must be provided for the soul to be returned to life. If there are skyfish nearby, it is virtually certain that one will notice the death, convert the soul into a glow, and attempt to return it to the Isles of the Dead.

Special Qualities[edit]

In addition, all sukeb gain the following:

Aiar Alignment Sense (Su)[edit]

Sukeb can sense good, evil, and base emotions including aggression up to 20 feet away; strongly good or strongly evil beings and effects such as pit fiends or a holy place, can be detected up to half a mile away; they do not sense the good or evil directly, only a sense that something dangerous is in a certain general direction.

From five feet away, they can sense the conflict in a creature due to both good and bad past deeds. It requires two rounds spent in meditation followed by a DC 15 will check.

Summon Aiar (Sp)[edit]

A sukeb can cast 'summon aiar' once an hour with a 20% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: a squad of sukeb; 3-4: a squad of densets; 5: a band of fey'iar; 6: a pack of furs.

A squad or party of sukeb casting 'summon aiar' simultaneously has a 40% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: 1d3 parties of sukeb; 3-4: 1d4 squads of densets; 5: a band of fey'iar and a swarm of whisps; 6: an anik.

A band of sukeb casting 'summon aiar' simultaneously has a 60% chance of success. Roll 1d6: 1-2: a band of sukeb; 3-4: a band of densets; 5: a pack of aniks; 6: a megam.

Sukeb learning abilities (Ex)[edit]

Sukeb can gain character classes as easily as a human would; they also have sorcerer and cleric as favored classes. They can also learn a new language after just 1d10+2 weeks of constant exposure.


PTSD (Ex)[edit]

Sukeb are unusually vulnerable to PTSD. If a sukeb witnesses the violent death of a loved one or equally traumatic experience, they loose their concentration and must make a will check or experience a momentary psychotic episode the each time anything happens that reminds them of it.

PTSD affects: roll 1d6 1-2: confused for 1d6 rounds 3-5: fatigued for 1d6 rounds 6: rage for 1d4 rounds, then fatigued for 1d6 rounds.

Spells such as greater restoration, heal, limited wish, miracle, or wish can restore the creature, as can a pilgramage to the valley of order or 1d4+2 months of psychotherapy.

Other Traits[edit]


If intelligence is below 7, reroll as 2d6+6; if intelligence is over 19, change to 19. +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, +2 comliness.

Size, Hit Dice, and Hit Points[edit]

unchanged from base creature


All sukeb have a chaotic good innate alignment. A sukeb can choose any good alignment initially, and can change alignment as a human would.


Sukeb can mate with any creature their base creature could. Gestation and birth take place as per the base creature; the offspring will nominally be a native celestial humanoid (NOT an aiar) unless both parents are sukeb.


Newly promoted sukeb start out as the minimum starting age for their base creature, or as an embro due to reproduction (see above). New sukeb age at 1/2 the rate of their base creature if the starting age is under 20 years old, normally otherwise. Upon reaching maximum age they do not die, but instead are reborn as furs, sukeb, or densets, depending on their achievements in life, personality, alignment, etc.

Challenge Rating[edit]


Level Adjustment[edit]



Sukeb tend to be mostly peaceful creatures, more often behind the front lines or behind the scenes than out in front, but they can be deadly if pressed. Sukeb often take on the weapons and tactics of their base creatures, but may also deliberately choose skills, weapons, etc, that might seem an odd or even shocking choice to fool their enemies, often striking with both conceiled weapons and magical means. Like fey'iar, sukebs use every trick they can think of. They are less effective fighting in groups than densets, so are often found in skirmishing units, mop - up, diversionary forces, etc.

Aiar Sukeb as a Race[edit]


The aiar equivalent of erinyes and succubi, sukeb fill roles ranging fom domestic staff to diplomatic envoys. They often serve as seductive healers, comforting dying foes in hopes those creatures will choose to convert to the aiar's cause. They tend to be shy about discussing personal background, allowing others to think that they might be ordinary humanoids, densets, etc. Sukebs are more accepting of alternative lifestyles, fiendish creatures, and bizzaroids, and are slow to judge others, but are quick to obey megams and other top - ranking celestials, though they will sometimes interpret orders in such a way, or seek to omit information in reports, to prevent unnecessary pain or inconvenience for others or themselves.


Sukeb society is based around family and community. A few live with humanoids with their same base creature, while others live in mostly aiar communities with a mix of base creatures, but many live in even more diverse communities. Away from communities, they can be encountered singly, in the same groups as their base creature, or in squads of 2-5, parties of 2-12, or bands of 30 - 100 with a mix of base creatures or aiar travelling with non - aiar, etc. Sukeb are seminomadic and naturally curious, so they travel often.


Religious freedom is a cental element of sukeb culture. Sukeb often explore many specific religious beliefs over their lifetimes; while many worship per their base creature, many others choose whichever deity whose church will accept them, and others practice non - deity specific religious beliefs.

Language and Names[edit]

All sukeb can understand and speak celestial and common as well as any language the base creature understands, and many speak additional languages. Sukebs have truenames, and name their children in a language of their choice.


Sukeb can be found on any of the planes though they are quite rare except in areas occupied by celestial armies and on the lowest three layers of Fortress Celestia. Though they prefer the same climates and terrain as their base creatures, they are gregarious and tend to live in communities with other aiar, as well as celestial and noncelestial humanoids. Others prefer to live far from the heart of civilization.


Sukeb usually would like to get along with everyone, especially other celestials, but have difficulty getting along with creatures that are violent, cruel, fanatically prejudiced, or close - minded.


Sukeb often seek to develop skills that will help the cause, and many develop character levels; amung these, those not employed in highly important jobs are often interested in pursuing a life of adventure.


As per the base creature, plus character classes per learning abilities (above), AND promotion to Denset.

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