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Strong Arm [Power]

The character deals more damage with melee weapons.
Prerequisite: Str 15+, Power (strength) 9 ranks, Evolved
Benefit: When using a natural or non-reach melee weapon you treat your strength modifier as double for purposes of damage. This change is applied before any bonuses gained for weilding a weapon in two hands.
Example: Edward is attacking an enemy with a metal baton, his strength is a 20 after using his Power (strength) skill, if he hits with this attack he would normally deal 1d6 + 5 points of damage but with this Power Feat he deal 1d6 + 10 points of damage. If he was using a Greatsword he would deal 2d6 + 7 damage normally, and he would deal 2d6 + 15 damage with the feat.

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