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Steam Plushie[edit]

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A steam plushie is a plushie that has been made to run of steam instead of magical energies.

Creating a Steam Plushie[edit]

geThis inherited template may only be taken by Eijilund Plushies. The plushie is changed in the following ways:

Special Qualities[edit]

A Steam Plushie loses the following racial abilities:

And gains the following:

Steam Clog: A Steam Plushie may be easily suffocated by covering its exhaust pipes. It only survives a number of rounds equal to 2× its constitution bonus. Another character may make a grapple attempt to block these and they get a −4 to their grapple attempt. If a Steam Plushie swims (underwater) this will also come into affect.

Fog Cloud: A Steam Plushie puffs out a fog cloud, this gives all characters a +4 bonus to their spot checks to see it.

Inbuilt Engine: A Steam Plushie may use its steam engine to duplicate the effects of a Steam Pressure Generator. This takes a full round action and reduces the Steam Plushie's current and maximum hit points by 1d6. The reduction to maximum hit points goes away after the cable to the equipment is removed. Removing equipment is a move action.


A Steam Plushie is slightly stronger than their race and gets a +2 bonus to their strength score, for a total modifier of −2.


Steam Plushies are normally situated with gnomes, dwarves or sometimes humans. They have no real lands of their own.

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