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Only my blade and bow decide my fate
Class Traits
Role: striker.
Power Source: martial.
Key Abilities: Dexterity, Strength, Constitution
Armor Proficiencies: cloth,leather, hide
Weapon Proficiencies: simple melee, military melee, simple ranged, military ranged
Implements: Elven Rune
Bonus to Defense: +1 to fortitude, +1 reflex
Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 6 + con modifier + Constitution modifier
Trained Skills: {{{auto_skills}}}
Build Options: archer assassin or silver blade
Class Features: hunters leverage

lvl's of hunters leverage 1-10 1d8/11-20 2d8/21-30 3d8/ also at lvl 11 you get a feat called two fold leverage choose two targets or one for extra damage

Stealth Ranger Overview[edit]

Characteristics: Bounty hunters and sell swords the stealth rangers work in close ties with nature and for the good of others

Creating a Stealth Ranger[edit]

Stealth Rangers depend on Strength, Dexterity, and Wisdom for most of their powers. Constitution is also useful, since it helps them stand up to damage.

Archer Assassin[edit]

hit and run

Suggested Feat: agile hunter or running shot /Human Feat: human perseverance
Suggested Skills: nature, acrobatics ,athletics, perception ,stealth
Suggested At-Will Powers: twin strike and deft strike
Suggested Encounter Power: evasive strike
Suggested Daily Power: easy target

Silver Blade[edit]

Suggested Feat:dual wield feat or hunters quarry/ feat Human Feat:human perseverance
Suggested Skills: nature, athletics , acrobatics,stealth, perception,endurance,
Suggested At-Will Powers: piercing strike,twin strike
Suggested Encounter Power: dire wolverine
Suggested Daily Power: blinding barrage

Stealth Ranger Class Features[edit]

All stealth rangers share these class features.

archer fighting style: one handed or duel blade fighting style

when you get paragon path you choose either ranger or rouge side for you path

Stealth Rangers may take a paragon path at level 11 from either the rogue or the ranger so long as they meet the prerequisites


A stealth rangers powers are formed using Nature's Wrath and are deadly for hunting man and beast, for money or for justice and even for the thrill of the hunt . A list of stealth ranger powers can be found at (4e Power List: rouge and ranger classes)

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