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Stealth Daggers: Two of these jet black +4 daggers are bound to chameleon stealth suit and are created at the same time the suit is made. They are part of the finished product and cannot be used by anyone other than the suit wearer. When in their arm sheaths they are almost impossible to see. They can only be detected by true seeing plus a successful spot check with a 30DC.

These ghost touched blades are perfectly balanced and may be thrown up to 30 feet. These double bladed daggers are serrated on one side with a keen edge on the other. Their serrated blade increases their critical threat range by one due to the mass critical enchantment on them.

A successful hit by one of the daggers when thrown inflicts 2*(1d4+4+the wielder's dexterity bonus) damage with a crit threat range of 17-20x3.

When used in melee a successful hit inflicts (1d4+4+the wielder's dexterity bonus) damage with a crit threat range of 17-20x3.

Due to their bond with the chameleon stealth suit these daggers are protected with the corrosion nix enhancement. They also have the returning enhancement. Except they will return to the thrower's hand even if the thrower moves. If the thrower's hand are full upon the daggers return they will return to their arm sheaths in lieu of dropping on the floor.

Moderate Transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Keen, Keen Edge

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