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Stave of the old gods: this staff was made long ago by the silence of ends to help keep back the horrors of the far realm. he gave it to a party of adventurers to aid in a fight against a mind flayer city, but they were betrayed one of their own turned against them. the mind flayers took the staff and tried to dismantle it the problem was they couldn't touch it and despite the betrayal they lost all of their thralls. the last member of the party stole the staff and took off. he was captured by drow but the drow kept the staff and upgraded it themselves to use against the mind flayers themselves after they leveled the mind flayer but while they were weak the duergar attacked leading to the staff being lost in the core but it did slowly reach a sealed cave where it rest to this day. the only way to destroy it is for a elder evil to stab themselves with it.

this staff functions as a +10 holy power aberration dread quarterstaff that puts it's wielder under the constant effect of detect abberation (Lords of Madness) it also allows it's wielder to cast Invoke the cerulean sign a will. it also will deal 1d6 fire damage to all evil abberations within 30 feet of the staff.
Strong All schools; CL 30; Weight: 10 lb.

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