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Stargate: A recent creation by the Foundryhouse of the small city of Morely the Stargate is an new method of transporting people from one place to another. These are becoming quite popular as people save up and afford their own, so that their town feels like it is next to a city.

The Gate itself is just a magical ring with 9 lights around the edge, when powered it creates a tunnel to another gate that allows for relatively safe passage to another gate(It must link to another Gate).

However the gate must be powered to be used, it takes 9 lvls of spells(Or limited use magical abilities or items) to power the gate.

CL ; Craft Wonderous Item, Craft Staff, and the spell Gate as well as having apprenticed with a Master Gatebuilder.; Cost 1200XP and 7500 GP; Market Price: 15000 gp

StarGate power

Highest lvl spell 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Time open 1 Min 5 Min 10 Min 30 Min 1 hour 3 hours 6 hours 12 hours 24 hours
Mishap 3%/10s 2%/m 1%/m 5%/10m 3%/10m 10%/h 6%/h 4%/h 2%/h
End chance 9%at1m 9%at5m 9%at10m 15%at30m 20%at1h 30%at3h 36%at6h 48%at12h 48%at24h
WCS offtarget100m offtarget1000m randomplane underground space Amnesia/will Amnesia/nosave Dis/ref Dis/nosave

Depending on the highest lvl of spell spent the gate opens for a longer amount of time (though the gate that open it can close it at will) but for every increment that the gate is open the chance increases that something bad will happen.

To look at the chart above... Time open= How long the gate will be open before it collapses of it's own accord

Mishap= The increasing chance that something bad will happen

End chance= The mishap chance just before the gate closes of it's own accord

WCS= The worst case scenario at this power lvl, assuming all goes wrong.

The longer the gate is open the more likely and the worse the event is that could happen, for every group of objects that moves through the gate roll for the current mishap chance, if there is a mishap then assume that it is the 1st one in the WCS row, if the power is higher though roll a 50% chance that the mishap gets worst, then again and again, until it either doesn't get worse, or you are at the same spell lvl.

Example- Tim the Telemage is using a Stargate, he is sending a few supply wagons through, so her uses a 7th lvl spell to power the gate, this gives him a good 6 hours to get them through. 4 hours pass as he sends one after another through until he decides to go through himself. 4hours at 6%/hour is 24% mishap chance. So as he steps through he rolls it, and gets an 18, so a mishap happens.

Starting out at 100 miles off target Tim rolls another 50% and gets 25, this turns it to 1000miles... but he rolls again and he gets 35, so it changes to random plane. He shudders and rolls again, getting 26, so instead it aims to deep underground, another roll of 49 says that he is going to space, and that 10 says Amnesia with a will save... he's sweating as he rolls the next one but a 55 saves the day.

He rolls his 7th lvl save for that lvl, and manages to pass it, so no amnesia for him today, but the DM now gets to pick anywhere to put the erstwhile mage, it seems that he isn't getting to the other Stargate any time soon.

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