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Starship Pilot[edit]

Perhaps you were raised on a Starship, learned the ends in outs from your loved ones. Or parhaps you went to a academy, spent your teenage years learning how to fly starships. Or even still maybe you were in one of the many factions that needed pilots and you were lucky enough to be trained. None the less you are a Pilot able to operate a ship as it hurls trough space from one planet to another.

Skill Proficiencies: Proficiency in Acrobatics and Insight

Tool Proficiencies: Engineers' Tools

Equipment: Engineers' Tools, 1 small starship

Class Actions[edit]

Typical piloting actions don't require checks. You can enter and pilot vehicles, but in order to be able to pilot a certain sized starship, you must be a certain level.

Level Ship Size
level 1 Small Starships
Level 5 Medium Starships
Level 12 Large Starships

Class Feature[edit]

Choose 1 of the Following


If your ship is searched for illegal contraband, or passengers you gain proficiency on deception rolls used to hide your illegal goods/persons and have advantage if you are already proficient in that skill


If your ship is damaged and you decide to repair it, you gain proficiency on perception saving throws to locate damaged parts or sections and have advantage if you are already proficient in that skill

Blockade Runner

If entering a blockade you gain proficiency in stealth to get though it and have advantage if you are already proficient in that skill


You keep in close touch with your home world, they will send supplies when you are low. If you fail to report back to your home world for an extended period, they will send a rescue squad to find and assist you

Why be a Starship Pilot[edit]

d6 Why you became a Pilot
1 You wanted to escape your planet for greater adventures
2 You enlisted with the defense force of your world
3 Air shows amazed you as a child, you had to do it
4 Survival, you needed to flee from a group set on harming you
5 You were raised on one, never known any other life.
6 you have a natural talent with starships.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d8 Personality Trait
1 I’m obsessively interested in machinery, especially if it can fly
2 I like taking things apart to see how they work
3 I was scared of heights as a child but now I live for the adrenaline rush of flight
4 There is a specific type of aircraft that I literally drool over
5 I treat vehicles like people and would defend any one with my life
6 I have trouble paying attention to details, preferring to look at situations from a high-up perspective
d6 Ideal
1 Freedom. I want and want everyone else to feel like I do in the air: completely free (Good)
2 Aspiration. Someday I’ll have a craft of my own and will control my own destiny (Any)
3 Recklessness. I like to take the greatest risks so I can gain the greatest rewards (Chaotic)
4 Disconnect. I feel so high above things it’s hard to be motivated. (Neutral)
5 Mastery. I don’t care what it takes, I will become the best pilot in the world (Evil)
6 People. I’m committed to my friends and family back on the ground, not ideals (Neutral)
7 Reserved. In the larger view of things, I’m just a tiny spec among other specs so I try not to draw attention to myself (Lawful)
d6 Bond
1 My freedom is my most precious possession
2 Hurt my airship and I will hurt you
3 I’m always thinking about the people I have back on the ground
4 I want to travel further than anyone else has
5 All I want is the latest, greatest, and fastest
d6 Flaw
1 I become distracted easily
2 I dislike hygiene, preferring the familiarity of smoke and grease on my clothes
3 Killing people from the air is easy because I’m so far away
4 I know how to hijack air crafts and will absolutely do it if it’s a nice model
5 The best way to get someone to talk to to take them very high up in the air and threaten to drop them.

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