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Design Note: This item uses the Unique Item Rarity homebrew ruleset.

No mercy or spare, the choice is yours.

Artifact, Unique (requires attunement by a humanoid)

The Star Glitcher is an item that hails from a realm different from the Material Plane, as such, nobody can accurately tell where it originated from other than where they found it. The Star Glitcher is an artifact that could be infused with an elemental (or many), have a certain core attached to it that only shows when attuned to a humanoid, or could be blessed by a deity, it depends on which version is present at the time.

Soul Bound When a humanoid attunes with Star Glitcher, then the Star Glitcher will immediately teleport behind the attuned person, just below the neck. Once this has happened it cannot be removed forcefully, magical or not, the only exception to this rule is a wish spell. Since the Star Glitcher is bound to the user's soul, it can also travel with the user into other planes (like the afterlife) and in their astral projection.

Unstable Power Whenever the attuned user gains a level, then they can spend that level on the Star Glitcher class as if they are multiclassing it.

Now I Wait Again Whenever the attuned user loses attunement with the item, whether it was the user's choice or was removed forcefully, the item be in its inactive state and cannot be attuned with again by previous users and cannot be attuned with by anyone for the next 24 hours.

Star Glitcher Forms The glitcher has many forms it can use for attacks. heres a list of formsand abilites. Mayhem:Can use a powerful stomp ability that does 10 fire damage. Purity:Can shoot heavenly disks that do 5 radiant damage each. Corruption:Can do a huge explosion with a 100 foot radius. explosion does 30 necrotic damage but you take 20 necrotic damage. Chaos:Can use another stomp ability,but this time it does 20 force damage. Equinox:Can change time from day to night,however with a 5-day cooldown. Divinity:Can shoot heavenly orbs that do 3 radiant damage each. he shoots 10 orbs when he does the attack. Rainbow:Can shoot a giant rainbow lazer that does 30 force damage. Calamity:Can cast down a giant meteor that does 50 force damage. meteor has 1 minute cooldown. it can also create a shower of smaller meteors that do 5 force damage. the shower has 10 meteors.

A Star Glitcher in its inactive state

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