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Description: The Standing Tower Shield is a customized tower shield meant for use of creatures of medium size or smaller. It looks much like a typical tower shield, although thicker due to dwarven make. The back side includes two "legs" that may be propped up to support itself, or "stand". This allows the holder a free hand, and back cover if directly between enemy and creature, giving it "good cover" with an additional +4 to their AC, after the +4 added as a shield. The shield also has a small "visor" with a movable slide to cover and uncover it. Putting a small thrown weapon (arrow, dagger, shuriken) through an open hole has a DC of 20, also allowing the target a reflex save if attack seen. A spell can normally be cast at an item being held by the target, such as a shield, but this only applies to the standing Tower Shield when target is touching the shield.

Typical Usage: This shield was originally used by dwarven clerics, who would go into the heat of battle, and set up the shield for cover while casting spells. The "visor" allowed for targets they had to see while they cast. This might prove valuable to an adventurer who likes tower shields and the ability to rest while behind cover.

Cost: These modifications can be added to a normal tower shield by a smith who has experience with dwarven items for 700 gp, or with a DC 30 Craft (Metal) check, adding +5 if being helped by Dwarf or if Dwarven. If bought, the shield will cost 1000 gp, or 800 gp without the visor added.

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