Sponge of Bathing (3.5e Equipment)

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Sponge of Bathing
Price: 100gp
Body Slot:
Caster Level:
Aura: Weak

It is said that the Sponge of bathing was created by Thurin of Rathium. He was a man obsessed with cleanliness while on his adventures. He wanted a lightweight item to replace the many pounds of soap he carried. his sponge made him a very wealthy man. This simple, flavorful device is usually made with sea sponge, but has been seen as palm sized beanbag sacks. A Sponge of Bathing starts out dry but when activated, once a day, begins a slow steady saturation. Small effervescent bubbles begin to form, providing a wet sponge that can be used to wash oneself. the saturation lasts until 2 gallons of water are generated, the bubbles cease and the sponge dries to be used again the next day. since its invention, several different style have been created.

Prerequisites:Craft Wondrous Item, Create Water, Prestidigitation

Cost to Create: GP, XP, Day

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