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Splitting body[edit]

There are two personalities in control of your body.

You act perfectly fine in both cases, without any obvious negative effects, but occasionally flip between your main self, and the lurking other.

Perhaps encountering your warlock patron unhinged you, the infinite extent of an alien presence harder to handle than your fragile mortal self expected.

Perhaps you were an ancient warforged, damaged in battle, the effects of such have given rise to “a bit of a wire loose”.

Or Perhaps you were subject of an unfortunate magical accident, a crown of madness spell gone haywire.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception & Intimidation, or Performance

Tool Proficiencies: Thieves' Tools or Forgery Kit.

Languages: Roll two D6's from the language table below

Equipment: 15gp, a travelling journal, and a belt pouch with a pocket whose contents change depending on which personality looks inside it.

d6 Language
1 Gnomish
2 Dwarvish
3 Halfling
4 Elvish
5 Undercommon
6 Infernal

Feature: Multiple minds[edit]

Your host of personalities occasionally swapping which is piloting your mind. Each of your personalities have a different alignment & class which can influence how you behave.

Sanity save: the number of personalities a character has is a maximum of three.

Every long or short rest, or every 3 hours, you must succeed on a sanity saving throw.

On a success, you stay in sanity. On a fail, you change your personality.

For example, a character has a chaotic good, and a lawful good personality. After a long or short rest, or after 3 hours they roll a d20 sanity check, which succeeds on a 11 or above.

On a 11 or higher, their chaotic good personality is in charge.

On a 10 or lower, their lawful good personality is in charge.

Additional: Characters affected by crown of madness automatically fail the sanity check.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d4 Personality Trait: Sanity
1 I tend to stare off into the distance sometimes, lost in thought...
2 I travel and explore to find another person like me.
3 I may not swing a sword well, but I can burn your face off with a fireball.
4 I have multiple names, I don’t always remember which applies to me now.
d4 Personality Trait: 2nd, 3rd personality (choose different)
1 Death is a subject that doesn't bother me.
2 I could care less if we all die, as long as it's fun.
3 I only respect people if they prove themselves.
4 I hunt people like animals.
d6 Ideal
1 Comradery. I am committed to my new family (Good)
2 Philosophical: Life is fleeting, and i am the reaper (Neutral)
3 Malice. The voices in my head compel me to do bad things (Evil)
4 Discipline. My personalities do not put me above the law (Lawful)
5 Pleasure. I love to do my own thing (Chaotic)
6 Expectation. I will not have to hide my ailment when everyone accepts me (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I have visions of an oncoming event.
2 I left my masters side, and must forge my own path in life.
3 I have random urges at inconvenient moments.
4 I hear the voices of my personalities conversing in my head.
5 Nothing can convince me to abandon my allies.
6 I am easy to persuade, owing to my ailment.
d6 Flaw
1 I am extremely erratic in my behaviour.
2 I'm scared of people like me because I know what i'm capable of.
3 I usually get bored on watch and fall asleep.
4 I don’t consider other people’s emotions.
5 Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind.
6 I am difficult to motivate.

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