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Splatoon Gunner[edit]

Straight from Inkopolis square comes the Splatoon Gunner, a powerful ranged fighter capable of picking off targets at a range and unleashing devastating special effects from their weapons. The Splatoon Gunner originated after the great turf war ravaged the lands of the inklings, these brave fighters rose up to fight against the Octarians to win back their homes.

Making a Splatoon Gunner[edit]

Depends on what weapon you choose can either be a very long range dps a short range bruiser or mid range skirmisher or a support who controls the battlefield.

Abilities:dex (all depends on weapon choice) Followed by constitution because this determines how much ink you can fire before needing to recharge.

Races: Any race is capable of becoming a Splatoon Gunner.

Alignment: A gunner can be any alignment.

Starting Gold: 4d8X10 (Constant matches against other Gunners provides lots of money.)

Starting Age: Simple

Table: The Splatoon Gunner

Hit Die: d6

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +1 +2 +0 Weapon Finesse, Ink gland, Squid Form, Amorphous form, Ink weapon 1.
2nd +2 +2 +3 +0 Bonus feat, Ink construction.
3rd +3 +2 +3 +1 Sub weapon, Quickdraw
4th +4 +3 +4 +1 Weapon mod 1, One with the Gun.
5th +5 +3 +5 +2 Special weapon. Ink weapon 2.
6th +6/1 +4 +6 +3 Bonus feat, Super jump,
7th +7/2 +4 +6 +4 Ink weapon 3, Sticky situation.
8th +8/3 +4 +6 +4 Weapon mod 2
9th +9/4 +5 +6 +5 Splat kills. Ink weapon 4.
10th +10/5 +5 +7 +5 Bonus feat, Deep tank.
11th +11/6/1 +6 +7 +5 Ink weapon 5
12th +12/7/2 +7 +8 +5 Weapon mod 3, Ink Snare.
13th +13/8/2 +7 +9 +6 Ink weapon 6
14th +14/9/3 +8 +9 +7 Bonus feat, One with squid.
15th +15/10/4 +8 +9 +7 Ink weapon 7, Legal upgrades?
16th +16/11/5 +9 +10 +7 Special up!
17th +17/12/6/1 +9 +10 +8 Ink weapon 8. Ink veins
18th +18/13/7/2 +9 +10 +8 Bonus feat
19th +19/14/8/3 +10 +11 +8 Ink weapon 9.
20th +20/15/9/4 +10 +11 +8 SPLAT!

Class Skills (8+Int Modifier Per level X4 at first level)
Balance (dex) Bluff (cha) Climb (str) Craft Inkling weapons (int) Diplomacy (cha) Disguise (cha) Escape artist (Dex) Hide (dex) Move silently (dex) Search (int) Sense Motive (wis) Sleight of hand (dex) Spot (wis) Swim (Str) Tumble (dex)

Class Features[edit]

Weapon finesse: At 1st level Any ink based weapons you use may add your dexterity modifier to attack rolls instead of strength.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Light armor Proficiency Profecient in all exotic ink based weapons.

Ink Gland: At 1st level, a Splatoon Gunner develops a gland in their body that converts their blood to ink passively. You may store ink up to 15+ Con modifier as your ink limit. Ink will passively regenerate at a rate of 3 + Con modifier per round, while swimming in ink you recieve 6+con modifier ink per round and 2 ink per square moved while swimming in ink. When ink hits terrain it will stick to the terrain, unless the terrain shot is water proof or transparent/translucent. Ink can be washed away after 1 day of being on terrain or alternatively can be washed away by any for of water. Any damage dealt with ink should be treated as acid damage, ink cannot harm allies.

Squid form: At 1st level, The Splatoon Gunner may change to the form of a squid as a free action. Turning into a squid allows you to swim in any ink that you have placed on the ground, when swimming in ink the depth of ink is 6 feet deep for the Splatoon Gunner. When swimming in ink in squid for your move speed increases to 40 feet. Swimming in your ink will also allow the Splatoon gunner to swim up any walls but they may not swim on any overhang. You may also phase through grates, gates, netting as a squid. Hiding in ink also adds a +5 to hide.

Amorphous form: Due to the ink gland in your body you are constantly covered in a mucus like layer over your skin, this allows you to change the ink in your body to different colors. Due to this though if you come in contact with water your mucus membrane will begin to dissipate which will damage you for 1d6 if getting splashed by water, when fully submerged in water the Splatoon Gunner will take 1d6 damage per turn until they are free from the water or die.

Ink weaponry: At level one an inkling may choose one weapon from these ink based weapons. Every 2 level after level 3 the Splatoon Gunner may roll a craft check (DC20) to craft a new weapon for their arsenal. Splatoon Gunners may only use these weapons outside of squid form. The full attack actions of any weapon may only be used one time per round. BAB may allow you to shoot multiple times but only for the lower end attack numbers. All weapons have a x2 crit multiplier.

Splattershot: 3 ink per shot. Mid range projectile based weapon has a range of 20 feet comes with the ability to use a full round action to attack 3 times in one turn with this weapon 2 Attack without full round action. deals 1d6 damage per shot. Any ink that hits an enemy or terrain will cover the square it hits in.

Splat roller: 6 ink per swing, 4 ink per square moved while inking the ground with roller. Close range melee based weapon, this weapon normally attacks by swinging the roller range 5 feet hitting an opponent with the roller deals 2d10 damage. when using the splat roller, if you jump prior to swinging the roller can do a straight line ranged attack with a range of 10 feet. hitting with this only deals 1d10 damage. you can make a move action and hold the roller to the ground to ink any squares and adjacent squares you pass over but when doing this your move speed is halved. when using the standard attack you ink one square in front of you when using ranged attack it leaves a trail of ink fully covering any squares it passes through.

Octobrush: 2 ink per swing, 3 ink per square moved while inking ground. Melee based weapon this weapon boasts very high move speed while inking terrain, You may take a move action to hold the brush to the ground and fully inking any square you move through, while inking terrain add 20 to your move speed, when swinging covers 5 feet in front of you with ink. Due to the light weight of the brush you may swing this up to 5 times using a full round action and 3 times without full round action. dealing 1d4 damage per swing

Blaster: 6 ink per shot. shoots a slow projectile that travels in a straight line leaving a trail of ink behind it the projectile will move forward 10 feet, upon reaching 10 feet the projectile will explode covering adjacent squares with ink, and deal damage to all enemies in the square it explodes and in adjacent sqaures that have enemies take 1d10 damage. when firing the player will roll a d20+dex modifier (Dc 25) if the player beats this check the projectile will directly hit the opponent dealing 3d10 damage.

Dualies: 4 ink per shot, 7 ink per dodge roll. The dualies are a medium range rapid fire weapon. The range of this weapon is 15 feet you may fire with this weapon 2 times as a standard action and 4 times as a full round action dealing 1d6 per shot. This weapon also allows the user to use two weapons for a high rate of fire while also allowing the user to use a dodge roll to add +5 to a reflex save as long as they have enough ink to use it and as long as they can dodge roll out of the way with the weapon This dodge acts the same as evasion (if you already have evasion act as improved evasion), the dodge roll moves the user 10 feet in any direction. Any ink that hits an enemy or terrain will cover the square it hits in.

Brella: 6 ink per shot, 2 ink per turn holding umbrella open. The brella is a close range shot gun that has high damage and can provide a shield at will. Brella has a range of 10 feet, when shot it will ink two squares in front of the Splatoon Gunner and deals 2d10 damage per shot, after firing once you may choose to open your umbrella which provides a large shield protecting you from the front, while the shield is open your move speed is halved you also cannot attack while the shield is open. The shield has 20+Splatoon gunner levelX2. after the shield has taken to much damage it will break and be unusable for 3 rounds. if you put the shield away after it has taken damage but not broken the shield will regenerate 4+Splatoon gunner level per round.

Splat Charger: 3 ink per shot uncharged 7 ink per shot fully charged. The splat charger is a long range high damage weapon that boasts very high damage and long range at the down side of needing to charge your attacks. This gun has two methods of attack an uncharged attack which has a range of 10 feet and deals one d6 damage and a fully charged attack that has a range of 60 feet and deals 3d10 on hit. To fully charge this weapon you must spend one whole round prepping your shot. you may swim in your ink while holding a charge and move up to 10 feet before the charge dissapates. your shots will leave a straight link of ink across the entire range of the shot. When shooting the Charger all squares that the shot passes through get fully inked. Fully charged charger shots have the ability to penetrate any enemy or ally hit.

Slosher: 6 ink per shot. The slosher shoots a straight line of ink that has the ability to actually shoots in an arc making it possible to hit enemies hiding behind cover or on top of cover. Slosher has a range of 20 feet and deals 2d10 of damage. if the enemy who is hit is below you while using the slosher the opponent takes half damage. When firing the slosher it will fully ink 4 squares in front of the Splatoon gunner.

Splatling: 5 ink per uncharged volley 10 ink for charged volley. The splatling is a long range rapid fire minigun that allows for raining fury down on opponents from a very far range, Uncharged range 10 feet an uncharged shot will deal 1d4 damage and you may fire up to 5 shots as a full round action 3 as a standard action. Charged shot has a range of 30 feet and will deal 1d4 damage and fire a maximum of 10 shots for a full round action and 7 for a standard action. It takes 2 full rounds to fully charge this weapon. any ink that hits terrain will cover a 5 foot radius. You cannot hold this charge inside of ink. Any ink that hits an enemy or terrain will cover the square it hits in.

Ink construction: at 2nd level a Splatoon Gunner can use the ink in their bodies to recreate any form of clothing they have seen perfectly. These clothes provide no bonus to AC adds a +5 to disguise checks.

Quick Draw: At 3rd level, a Splatoon gunner gains the Quick Draw feat as a Bonus Feat. A Splatoon gunner may now draw a weapon as a free action instead of as a move action. They may also now draw a hidden weapon (see the Sleight of Hand skill) as a move action as opposed to a standard action.

Sub weapon: At 4th level The splat gunner gains access to sub weapons to add to their weapons These sub weapons may be Swapped but only during non combat situations and once a week. To swap sub weapons the Splatoon Gunner must make a craft check (DC 20) to swap their sub weapons out. Sub weapons will not deal any damage to any of the Splatoon Gunners teammates or himself, All sub weapon are thrown up to a maximum range of 40+Splatoon gunner level feet, unless stated otherwise.

Curling bomb: 12 Ink usage, A bomb that rolls across the ground distance traveled can be adjusted between (5-40 feet), when throwing this bomb it will be dropped in your square and move forward for the set distance. As this travels the bomb leaves behind a trail of ink and upon reaching the maximum distance the bomb explodes in a 10 foot radius dealing 3d10 damage. If this bomb makes contact with any wall it will bounce off until it reaches max distance. I the opponent makes a reflex save DC 15 then halve damage on success.

Splat bomb: 14 ink usage, When thrown this bomb will have a delay on explosion the delay is always 1 round, the bomb explodes in a range of 10 feet inking all terrain in the radius, any enemy caught in the explosion of this bomb must make a reflex save DC 20 if they pass halve damage if not deal 5d10 damage.

Burst bomb: 7 ink usage, A bomb that will explode on impact to any enemy or surface Explosion radius is 5 feet inking all areas within this radius, this bomb deals 1d10 damage.

Auto bomb: 12 Ink Usage, Thrown bomb when it touches the ground senses for any nearby enemies within a fifteen foot radius if no enemies are found the bomb will blow up in a 10 foot radius inking all ground within that area, if an enemy is found within the range the bomb will lock on and chase them the opponent must make a reflex save DC 15 to avoid the bomb if the bomb is avoided 3 times it explodes harmlessly if the reflex save fails then the bomb explodes dealing 2d10 damage.

Point sensor: 5 Ink usage, A thrown weapon when it touches a surface it explodes any enemy within blast range (20 feet) is marked and visible to all teammates even through walls this effect lasts for 1d6 rounds.

Ink mine: 7 ink usage, Places a mine at your feet enemies cannot see this mine if enemies step within a 5 foot raidus then the mine explodes in a 10 foot radius inking all terrain and dealing 1d10 damage and marking the opponent for your allies to see for 1d4 rounds.

Toxic mist: 7 ink usage, Thrown bomb that explodes on impact on any surface covers 20 foot radius. Any enemy caught in this range has their movement speed cut in half until the target has left the affected area.

Splash wall: 8 ink usage, Thrown wall creates a wall that covers 10 foot wide wall in front of you. This wall acts similarly to a force wall but is not immune to damage the wall can sustain 30+con modifier damage before expiring. If no damage is taken the wall will last 4 rounds before expiring.

Sprinkler: 8 ink usage, Throws a sprinkler attaches to any surface and begins to spray ink in a 20 foot radius around it. Only one sprinkler is able to be on the field at any time Sprinkler has 5+con modifier Hit points. the sprinkler will last forever until it is destroyed or a new sprinkler is placed. Any enemy that steps in the sprinklers range will take 1d4 damage per turn.

Suction bomb: 16 ink usage, A thrown bomb that attaches to any surface has a 2 round delay, after delay the bomb will explode in a 15 foot radius inking area in the radius, opponents must make a reflex save DC 26 if they pass the bomb only deals half damage other wise deal 6d10 damage.

Weapon mod: upon reaching 4th level the Splatoon Gunner gains the ability to add a mod to their Weapons to add a mod to your weapon you must clear a craft check DC 25 to add one mod. You may only have one mod on your weapons at level 4 but you may add more mods to your weapons every 4 levels after the first level maximum mods 3 per weapon. Mods can be unique to a certain weapon (so your splattershot may have different mods from your splat roller and each weapon is allowed 3 mods. moving to a new weapon mods resets the DC check) adding any mod after the first adds +5 to the craft dc check. Adding multiple of the same mod decreases the effect of the added mod.

Damage up: This mod adds a flat 1d12 to damage, 2 Adds flat 1d6 to damage, 3 Adds flat 1d4 to damage. all three= 1d12+1d6+1d4 to end of action damage.

Move speed up: increases movement speed by 15, 2 increases move speed by 10, 3 increases move speed by 5. all three= 30 move speed

Ink tank up: Increases maximum ink by 10, 2 increases max ink by 5, increases max ink by 1. all three =16 increased tank

Ink saver main: Decreases ink cost of main weapon total ink usage per turn by 3. This mod cannot be stacked.

Ink saver sub: Decreases ink cost of sub weapon total ink usage per turn by 3. This mod cannot be stacked.

Swim speed up: Increase swim movement speed by 15, 2 increase by 10, 3 increase by 5, all three= 30 swim speed

Ink recovery up: increases ink recharge rate in ink from 6 to 8+con modifier per round, 2 Increases to 9+con modifier per round, 3 10+con modifier per round.

Special charge time: Decrease maximum points needed for special by 45, 2 Decreases special by 30, 3 Decreases special by 15. All three= 90

One with the gun: Through tinkering with your weapon for long enough you have found a way to make your weapon one with your ink. You can now store and manifest your weapons as a free action.

Special weapons: Special weapons are charged for every square of the terrain that is covered in ink, each special costs a certain amount of points to use points may only be gained while inking terrain during combat. you gain 5 points per fully covered square while in combat. you do not gain points for inked squares while your special is active. Upon activation of any special weapon the Splatoon Gunners ink is instantly filled to max. The max points a Splatoon Gunner may have at any time is 400, All points accumulated are taken away after 1 day unless in constant combat sequences. You may not gain points from shooting the same squares that already have your ink covering them.

Bomb rush: Cost 200, You unleash a flurry of bombs to send at your enemy as a standard action for this turn you may throw up to 8 of your sub weapon bomb. If you currently do not have a sub weapon that deals damage then this special automatically goes to curling bomb.

Sting ray: Cost 190, Your main weapon is replaced with a large ink beam weapon, While using this your move speed is dropped by 20. The stingray will shoot ink through walls and outline all enemies within your sight range giving you a plus 5 to all attacks made with this weapon. This weapon may only make one attack per turn. This weapon lasts for 2 rounds. This attack is a straight line attack it does not harm anyone who is not directly within a straight line of the shot. This weapon can pierce through enemies allowing The Splatoon Gunner to take out crowds of enemies with precise shots. For all purposes this weapon has a range of 300 feet. This shot deals 5d10 damage. your opponent must make a reflex save DC 20+Splatoon Gunners level if they pass halve damage taken. Damage cannot be nullified due to a save it may only be halved.

Splash down: Cost 190 The Splatoon Gunner jumps high into the air and gains ink armor. The Gunner then slams down to the ground dealing damage in a 25 foot radius around him. upon impact with the ground creates a typhoon of ink and shatters the ink armor. Enemies caught within 5 feet of the Gunner take 8d10 damage and cannot make any saves to reduce or avoid damage. Enemies caught in any other range take 4d10 damage, but if they pass a Fortitude save DC20+splat gunners level halve this damage.

Ink armor: Cost 180 You coat yourself and all allies in a hardened ink armor to shield them and yourself from damage. Increases allies AC by 5+Half of Splatoon gunners level (rounded up) This armor lasts for 3 rounds and will block any amount of incoming damage once before it shatters.

Baller: Cost 190 As a free action you may activate the baller. When activated you become covered by a Reinforced clear ball, This ball may block up to 20XHalf Splatoon Gunner level (rounded down) of damage. The splatoon gunner may not shoot or use any weapon while inside the ball. After hitting the maximum damage the ball will break apart harmlessly. The splatoon gunner may make a charge attack to an opponent and deal 1d10 damage. During your turn you may choose as a standard action to fill the ball with ink and explode it. If you explode the ball it will cover a 30 foot Radius in ink Dealing 5d10 to all enemies hit. The opponent may make a Fortitude save DC 20+Splatoon Gunner level, Upon success halve damage.

Tenta missiles: Cost 190 The tenta missiles are a long range bombardment attack. When activated a large circle appears in front of the splatoon gunner any enemy within a 60 foot cone in front of the Splatoon Gunner is highlighted in the circle. after highlighting the enemies the Tenta missiles will lock on to the closest 4 enemies if their are not 4 enemies highlighted then it locks on to the next smallest number . After locking on the missiles will fire, 3 missiles per 1 enemy locked on to up to a max of 12 these missiles will home in on the targets location and movement. After one round the missiles will arrive at the enemy and begin to explode on the enemy. The missiles explode in a 5 foot radius dealing 3d10 per missile hit. your opponent must make a reflex save DC 20+Splatoon Gunners level if they pass halve damage taken. Damage cannot be nullified due to a save it may only be halved.

Ink storm: Cost 180 The splatoon gunner manifests a large bomb. when the bomb hits any terrain it explodes instantly and rockets up in the air, if indoor it goes up to the ceiling. Once in the air the bomb loses its casing and a large cloud is released covering a 15 foot radius. The cloud will then begin raining ink on everything underneath it. Dealing 1d12 per Round to all enemies underneath it. This cloud will last 1d4 rounds. No saves may be made to reduce or negate damage while under the cloud. If enemies are under cover they take no damage. The Splatoon Gunner may use their movement action to move the cloud up to 30 feet once per round.

Ink jet: Cost 200 Upon activation the splatoon gunner gains a jet pack and a new ink cannon weapon, this lasts for 3 rounds. The splatoon gunner takes to the sky elevating themselves 20 feet in the air (or to ceiling height) and may begin to take fire with the ink cannon main weapon. As you fly with this weapon you will ink any square you move over any enemy below you will take 2d6 per turn. The opponent must make a fortitude save DC20+ Splatoon Gunner level to halve damage. The cannon shoots globs of ink that travel up to 40 feet upon impact with a surface explode in a 10 foot radius. Each shot deals 2d10 damage and you may shoot as a move and standard action. your opponent must make a reflex save DC 18+Splatoon Gunners level if they pass halve damage taken. Damage cannot be nullified due to a save it may only be halved. Upon finishing the time limit the jetpack explodes and launches the Splatoon Gunner back to their position where they began the special.

Bubble blower: Cost 170 The splatoon gunner pulls out a giant bubble wand with this wand the splatoon gunner may blow 3 large bubbles 15 foot in diameter when a bubble is blown it will move forward 15 feet. The bubble has 10+splatoon gunner this hit point total is triples for enemies level hit points if an enemy deals this bubbles hit points to a bubble it will pop harmlessly. If the splatoon gunner deals the bubbles hit points to the bubble it will explode in a 40 foot radius if another bubble is in that radius it will trigger that bubble to explode. When exploding the bubble will deal 3d10 damage per bubble. The opponent must make a fortitude save DC20+ Splatoon Gunner level to halve damage. Enemies cannot move through any square that a bubble is on if an enemy makes physical contact with a bubble they will take 1d10 damage. allies may move through any square a bubble is on.

Super jump: At 6th level a Splatoon Gunner may use half of their ink supply and as a full round action jump through the air to any ally within 80 feet of them.

Sticky situation: At 7th level the splatoon gunners ink will now slow enemies caught in it. An enemy must make a Fortitude save DC 22 when making a move action through ink, if they fail their movement is halved.

Splat kills: At 9th level The splatoon gunner may choose to splat any enemy he kills in combat. Splatting the enemy causes the body of that enemy to explode ink on all nearby terrain covering 20 feet in a radius around the body. This explosion deals no damage to enemies but any squares inked this way yield double points towards special meter.

Deep tank: At 10th level The splatoon gunner upgrades there ink tank to hold 10 more ink.

Ink snare: At 12th level The splatoon gunner may during a move action designate up to 5 squares that are covered in ink and have been moved through by the splatoon gunner, and these Squares become ink snares. When an enemy steps on a designated square the enemy is ensnared, to break out the enemy must make a Escape artist check DC 25 or strength check 25 to break out of the snare. Breaking free from the snare is a standard action.

One with the squid: At 14th level the Splatoon gunner gains a deeper understanding of being a squid, The splatoon gunner may now get a +10 to hide checks in ink and now gains a +5 to all escape artist checks.

Legal upgrades?: At 15th level through certain means the Splatoon gunner has come into the possession of a golden salmonoid egg. The splatoon gunner may use this egg to upgrade one of his weapon to a higher power level. The Splatoon gunner must make a craft check with a DC of 30 to fully upgrade this weapon. If the inkling gunner fails the check the Egg is not destroyed But it will cost the inkling 1000 GP per failed attempt. The gunner may only upgrade one weapon. You can not undo this upgrade.

Splattershot: Using the power of the salmonoid egg your splattershot Increases to 2d12 per shot and increases amount of shots per standard action to 4 and full action to 6. A new function is also added to the splattershot allowing the Splatoon gunner to up to 3 times per battle use a full action attack while still being able to do a full move action.

Splat roller: The splat roller upgrades change the damage to 4d10 damage and increases the range to 10 feet the ranged attack goes to 3d10 damage and range increases to 20 feet. While running across the floor with the splat roller the ink coverage widens to cover 2 adjacent squares rather than one. The splat roller has a new function added know as cyclone smash. This allows the splat roller to do a spinning attack in a circle around the Splatoon gunner allowing them to hit multiple enemies within a 15 foot radius of the Splatoon Gunner, This move costs 10 ink.

Octobrush: The octobrush upgrade increases the damage to 1d6 per swing and increases the number of full attack action swings increases to 15. The added affect is that inking terrain by moving with this weapon no longer costs ink per square moved.

Blaster: The blaster upgrade increases range to 15 feet traveled Damage dealt to adjacent squares is now 3d10 and the DC check for direct hit is lowered to 20, Damage on direct hit is now 6d10.

Dualies: The dualies upgrade is that the dualie attack increases 3 for normal attack and 5 for full attack, Dodge roll now provides a +10 to Reflex saves dodge roll is now increased to fifteen feet. Special effect Dapper dodge, Twice per battle you may dodge roll twice the distance for 7 ink cost as a free action.

Brella: Brella upgrades, Range increase to 20 feet. Damage increase to 4d10. Endless reserve special, Throughout battle holding open the umbrella no longer costs ink per turn.

Splat charger: Charger upgrades Uncharged range 20 feet damage is now 2d10. Charge now deals 6d10 on hit range is now 80 feet. Overcharge, You may now overcharge your weapon for an extra round to increase the damage to 8d12 on hit, this ability can only be used once per battle.

Slosher: Slosher upgrade Range increase to 30 feet and damage increase to 3d10. Paint the town red for every enemy killed in battle the slosher gains 5 extra damage per enemy killed this bonus resets after combat ends. The bonus damage is applied as a flat addition after damage roll.

Splatling: Splatling upgrades Uncharged range is now 30 feet and uncharged damage is now 1d6, Charged range is now 60 feet damage is 1d6 and standard action shot is now 8 shots. CHARGE, special effect twice per battle you may instantly charge the splatling as a free action.

Special up!: Upon reaching 16th level the splatoon gunner gains the ability to augment their special moves using a golden salmonoid egg To sucessfully upgrade you special you must make a craft check DC 35, on fail the golden salmonoid egg is not destroyed but the Gunner loses 1000gp. The gunner may only upgrade one special. This upgrade cannot be undone or taken back. All saving throws remain the same unless stated otherwise.

Bomb Rush Cost 300, The bomb rush is now much faster The splatoon gunner may now use a movement action to throw all 8 bombs. Special, Hyper bombs. Bombs used in bomb rush now have their explosion radius doubled along with their damage.

Sting ray cost 220, Stingray is now much lighter, Splatoon gunner no longer take a movement penalty while wielding this weapon. The stingray now lasts for 4 rounds, and its damage increases to 7d10 per shot. Special Wide beam: Once per use of the stingray The splatoon gunner may widen the beam of the stingray increases to a 25 foot wide beam. This range increase lasts the full range of the stingray. (300 feet)

Splash Down cost 220, Splash down gains increased range to 40 feet. Enemies within 15 foot radius of the Splatoon Gunner take 10d10 damage. Any enemy not within 10 feet take 6d10 damage.

Ink Armor Cost 210, Ink armor now lasts for 6 rounds, the armor may now take 3 hits before shattering. Special: Tough Ink: Ink armor may now only take hits from damage of 20 or higher.

Baller cost 220, Baller gains a higher range now 60 foot radius. Damage increases to 7d12 for detonation, Charge attack deals 2d10 now. Special: you thought you were safe? Upon the baller having its hit points drop to zero the baller explodes the same as if it was using a standard action to detonate.

Tenta missle Cost 230, Tenta missles may now lock on to up to 8 of the closest enemies to the splatoon gunner. Missiles shot per enemy is now increased to 4 and damage increases to 4d10 per missle. Special: Fuck subtly: Once per day the Splatoon gunner may forgo shooting multiple missles and instead shoot one large rocket The rocket has a range of 100 foot radius. The rocket deals 1d10 damage, But increases by 2d10 per enemy locked on to. You may choose one enemy for the rocket to fire at. The enemy must make a fortitude save DC 35+splatoon gunner level. On save half damage.

Ink storm Cost 210, Ink storm gains increased range it now covers a 30 foot radius. The splatoon gunner may now move the ink cloud as a free action and up to 60 feet. Damage increases to 2d12. and the cloud lasts for 8 rounds. Special: Downpour, The splatoon gunner may shrink the cloud to a 10 foot radius condensing the rain. The cloud now deals 4d12 damage per round. This ability can only be used once per battle.

Ink Jet Cost 300, Ink jet now lasts for 6 rounds. Exhaust damage is 2d10 damage per turn. Range of the ink cannon now increases to 60 feet and when the ink contacts with terrain or enemies it explodes in a 30 foot radius dealing 4d10 damage.

Bubble blower Cost 200, The splatoon gunner may now shoot up to five bubbles. The diameter of the bubbles increases to 30 feet. Explosion radius is now 60 feet and damage of the explosion increases to 6d10. Bubbles now deal 2d10 damage upon contact with enemies. Special: Condensed pain, The splatoon gunner may choose instead of shooting five bubbles to instead shoot one very small bubble. The bubble is 5 feet in diameter. Upon detonation it will explode in a radius of 150 feet dealing 15d12 to all enemies within the radius. This bubble can only take 50 damage until it explodes harmlessly.

Ink veins: At 17th level when rolling damage for weapon the Splatoon Gunner may choose to use all of their ink reserve to empower the shot, this will add flat damage to the final damage number based on how much ink was consumed in the shot (so if you use 30 ink increase damage by 30).

SPLAT!!: At 20th level the splatoon gunner becomes able to escape death once a month. When dropping to below the death threshold the Splatoon gunners body will explode in a radius of 30 feet dealing 10d10 damage to all enemies caught in range, Enemies must make a Fortitude save DC 35 to take half damage. As the body explodes the soul of the splatoon gunner will super jump to the nearest ally (if no ally present jump into farthest friendly ink puddle), if the soul is then placed in friendly ink the Splatoon gunner may reconstruct their body. it takes 1d10 rounds to fully reconstitute. When brought back to life the splatoon gunner will have half of their hit points, and a full ink tank.

Ex-Splatoon Gunners[edit]

Ex Splatoon Gunners are viewed widely to the community as uncool and totally unloyal.

Splatoon Gunner Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: .

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor

Feat: .

Bonus Feats: .

Gear: .

Gold: .

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Splatoon Gunner[edit]

Religion: Any.

Other Classes: Interacts well with all classes.

Combat: DPS Either Short Mid or Close range.

Advancement: .

Splatoon Gunner's in the World[edit]

—Every inkling girl at least once. , Inkling Splatoon Gunner

Usually these people are found relaxing and getting into competitive matches

Daily Life: The day is usually spent buying new clothes making new weapons and splatting some fools.

Organizations: Usually congregate in inkopolis square to watch off the hook.

NPC Reactions: Npc's react to you as though your are super cool and fresh.

Splatoon Gunner Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge nature can research Splatoon gunner's to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

DC Result
5 You know the general gist of what the Splatoon Gunner is..
10 You know of the great turf war and the pasts of the Splatoon gunners's.
15 You know the inner workings of the Splatoon gunners community such as new weapons and current events in inkopolis.
20 You know all of the trends and abilities of every Splatoon gunner weapon.

Splatoon Gunners in the Game[edit]

Adaptation: .

Sample Encounter: .

EL : .

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