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Spellfire Wielder

Spellfire is a rare magical power highly coveted by many in Faerûn, as it allowed the user to absorb spells cast at them, internally convert it to raw magical energy, and then use it in a myriad of ways. Spellfire can be used to heal, to project destructive bursts of radiant flame, to fly, and to do many other unorthodox actions.

This class is based off of the Spellfire rules found in Volo's Guide to all things magical and the Forgotten Realms “Hall of Heroes” from 2nd Edition.

Spellfire is a niche ability that has the potential of becoming very powerful in any edition if the character survives. Be advised before allowing a PC to have this ability as it can be a challenge on the player during lower character levels as access to magic and magical items to absorb can be limited.

A wielder of Spellfire Source

Class Features

As a Spellfire Wielder you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d6 per Spellfire Wielder level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 6 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d6 (or 4) + Constitution modifier per Spellfire Wielder level after 1st


Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons
Tools: Artisan’s tools or Disguise kit (Choose one)
Saving Throws: Constitution, Charisma
Skills: Choose two from Stealth, Arcana, Perception, Survival or Deception


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) a light crossbow and 20 bolts or (b) any simple weapon
  • (a) an artisan tool or (b) a disguise kit
  • (a) an Explorer’s pack or (b) a Dungeoneer’s pack
  • Leather armor, any simple weapon, and two daggers

Table: The Spellfire Wielder

Level Proficiency
1st +2 Basic Spellfire, Spellfire Feedback
2nd +2 Spellfire Sight,
3rd +2 Arcane/Divine or Meta Focus, Resistance, Spellfire Control
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, Spellfire Regen
5th +3 Deflect Arrows
6th +3 Improved Spellfire Control
7th +3 Archetype Feature
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Spellfire Purge
9th +4 Crown of Fire,
10th +4
11th +4 Archetype Feature
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement, Superior Spellfire Control
13th +5 Spellfire Burst
14th +5 Immunity,
15th +5 Archetype Feature
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement, Spellfire Reserve
17th +6 Improved Crown of Fire
18th +6 Supreme Spellfire Control
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement, Maelstrom of Fire,
20th +6 Archetype Feature

Spell Casting

Some features of this class require spell attack modifier and spell save DC, for this use Constitution as your spell casting ability.

Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier

Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier

Creating a Spellfire Wielder

Spellfire Wielders are considered full casters.

The amount of magic that a spellfire wielder's body can absorb and contain, expressed in spellfire points, is limited by his or her Constitution score. A spell that is cast in the normal way or triggered through the use of a scroll or a magical item represents a number of spellfire points equal to the spell slots used (i.e. a spell that uses a 3rd level spell slot would give them 3 spellfire points). Each 'plus' of a magical weapon and any single ability of other types of magical items counts as 1 spellfire point (or more, if the ability is unusually potent). Charges stored in devices represent 1 spellfire point level for each charge, all of which are transferred if the item comes into contact with the wielder. Magical/Supernatural effects produced by creatures can be absorbed; a dragon's breath weapon, for instance, represents a number of spellfire points equal to the number of damage die rolled (i.e. a 12d6 breath weapon would give the Spellfire user 12 spellfire points).

Basic Spellfire

As an action, you may spend any amount number of spellfire points up to your Constitution modifier + your spellfire wielder level to unleash a ray of energy at a creature within 200 feet of you. For each spellfire point spent, this ray of energy deals 1d6 radiant damage. Due to the unstable nature of Spellfire, the wielder may not be able to control the expenditure. On a failed DC15 Constitution save, the number of points expended is modified by 1d4-2 (rolled by the DM), but cannot be less than 1 total or more than the wielder's CML score. Initially, one blast per round is possible which can only be fired in a straight line. All charges and abilities of magical items touched to the wielder are absorbed completely. Any mundane use that requires less than a full spellfire point of energy (such as lighting a candle) still counts as 1 point expended. Additional blasts are possible at levels 5, 9, 13 and 17.

A spellfire wielder's body can hold up to 10 times the person's Constitution plus level (C&L) in spellfire points. If the number of spellfire points stored is in excess of half that amount, the following changes to appearance can be noticed.

(C&L x 5) + 1 through C&L x 6: The wielder can feel the energy within her (or his) body, and her eyes glow slightly.

(C&L x 6) + 1 through C&L x 7: The wielder's skin tingles, and her eyes glow brightly.

(C&L x 7) + 1 through C&L x 8: The skin of the wielder glows faintly, and her eyes shine brightly enough to be noticed in full daylight.

(C&L x 8) + 1 through C&L x 9: The wielder's entire body glows, and her eyes are as bright as lanterns.

(C&L x 9) + 1 through C&L x 10: The body glows brightly and gives off heat that can be felt 30 feet away.

Spellfire Feedback

A spellfire wielder's body can hold up to 10 times the person's Constitution Modifier plus level (C&L) in spellfire points. However, if the number of spellfire points stored is in excess of half that amount, certain risks and penalties come into play:

Feedback Chart
Capacity Level 1 Level 4 Level 8 Level 12 Level 16 Level 19
C&Lx5+1 through C&Lx6 1 - - - - -
C&Lx6+1 through C&Lx7 2 1 - - - -
C&Lx7+1 through C&Lx8 3 2 1 - - -
C&Lx8+1 through C&Lx9 4 3 2 1 - -
C&Lx9+1 through C&Lx10 5 4 3 2 1 -
C&Lx10+ 6

1: Any physical contact with the wielder by a living being, a magical item, or a spell effect causes 1d6 spellfire points to be released at the being or thing touching the wielder, with each point causing 1d6 points of damage. Once per day, the wielder must make a Constitution check (DC 10). Failure means that the wielder suffers 1d6 points of damage as 1 spellfire point of energy is expended.

2: A touch (as above) causes 2d6 spellfire points to be released. The wielder must make a Constitution check once per hour (DC 15), with the same consequences for failure as described above.

3: The wielder can feel a burning sensation within her body. A touch causes 3d6 spellfire points to be released, and the wielder must make a Constitution check once per minute (DC 15).

4: The wielder is in pain, and must make a Constitution check (DC 20) to take any action other than randomly releasing spellfire energy. A touch causes 4d6 spellfire points to be released.

5: The wielder must make a Constitution check at disadvantage (DC 20) to take any action other than randomly releasing spellfire energy. A touch causes 5d6 spellfire points to be released.

6: If the spellfire wielder exceeds 10 times the C&L, the wielder must roll a retributive strike (as per the rules for a Magical Staff of Power or Staff of the Magi) to determine if the wielder survives. All stored levels are expended in a 50’ radius blast utilizing a d6 per level (Xd6).

Spellfire Sight

The user expends 1 spellfire point causing her eyes to glow and activate as per the spell, Arcane Sight.

Spellfire Control

The character can control how many spellfire points she releases as destructive blasts. Further, she can now bend, turn, or angle the blast in any way she desires. Magical items are absorbed only when the wielder wills it (still drains it completely). An attack roll must be made whenever a destructive blast is unleashed at any target. Effects using less than 1 full Spellfire point are now possible. Can detect if an item is magic by touch.

Gains the ability to heal, with each point expended restoring 2 hit points lost to injury, up to the recipient's normal maximum hit points. Healing is increased to 1d4+1 at 6th level. At 12th level, healing is increased to 1d6+1 and ranged healing is obtained. Healing distance is increased from touch only to include 25 feet +5 feet per two spellfire levels. At 18th level, healing is increased to 1d8+1.

The wielder can expend spellfire points to fly as per the spell at 6th level. Each spellfire energy level expended allows the wielder to fly for 1 minute. The flying wielder leaves a visible trail of light that fades after 1 round. At 12th level duration is increased to 5 minutes. At 18th Level the duration is increased to 10 minutes.

At 12th level, the user gains the ability to expend spellfire points to accelerate her actions, just as if she had cast haste on herself. She must decide how many points to spend upon activation of the ability. Each spellfire point she spends allows her to function as though affected by a haste spell for 1 round, and she sparkles with light while this ability is in effect.

Arcane/Divine or Meta Focus

At level 3, the Spellfire wielder has gained enough knowledge about her abilities to choose how to focus her energies. She can choose to emulate other spell casters, or further explore the secrets of Spellfire.


As a spellfire user, she is resistant to fire. At level 14, this upgrades to an immunity to fire. (If character’s race has fire resistance, immunity starts at level 3.)

SpellFire Regen

Spellfire Regen is an ability that activates as a ritual. During the 10 minutes in meditation, the wielder can absorb energy from the world to replenish their spellfire pool. The user can absorb the total of her Constitution once per day with no side effects. (The amount is doubled if the absorption attempt is in a high magic area like wild magic zones, fairy circles, etc.)

The user can attempt to absorb more the once per day but must make a Constitution check (DC 10) to do so (add five to the DC for each subsequent attempt due to added stress to the body). If the check is failed, the user can no longer attempt to draw power for the day due to opening a tear in the weave. There is a 50% chance of an extra-planar being from a random plane of existence to step through a created tear. While attempting to draw in power, no Dex or action/movement is allowed for the duration.

Drain Item

The wielder can drain power from magic items by touch as an action. An item that creates spell effects (such as boots of speed) loses that function for 24 hours and the wielder gains Spellfire point equal to the rarity of the item (i.e. 1 point for common, 2 points for uncommon, etc.) A fully drained charged item has no magical properties (a potion becomes water, a scroll becomes blank paper). A creature gets to make a Wisdom save (DC 8 + Spellfire Wielder proficiency + Spellfire Wielder's Con modifier) to prevent one of its held or carried items from being drained. At level 9, this ability is able to be used at a range of 10ft plus 10 additional feet at 14th and 20th level.

Ability Score Increase

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Spellfire Purge

A spellfire wielder can purge his or her own body of diseases, parasites (including molds and other external creatures), paralysis and petrification alterations, and all other magical effects that alter his or her body from its normal state by releasing 4 spellfire points of spellfire internally. This causes wracking pain, and the wielder is unable to do anything else in the round this process takes. It also deals the spellfire wielder 4d6 points of damage, but it purges the body completely. Charms, tracers, and geas magic's are also destroyed, even if the spellfire wielder is unaware of their existence.

Deflect Arrows

As a reaction, the wielder can activate the ability to deflect/destroy arrows. A single spellfire point is used to activate this ability each round to knock the arrows away. If the wielder has no spellfire energy levels available, she cannot use this ability. Wielder can deflect as many arrows as they have spellfire levels.

Crown of Fire

By expending 10 Spellfire points, a wielder can spend an action to manifest the Crown of Fire, which appears as a halo of spellfire around her head providing light equal to a daylight spell. The crown of fire gives her resistance to normal weapon attacks and causes all non-magical weapons that strike her to make a death save (after inflicting damage). The crown of fire grants the Wielder spell resistance. The crown of fire requires the user to maintain concentration while expending 5 additional spellfire points each round, which can be done as a Bonus action. The crown of fire does not interfere with the Wielder's actions, including using other spellfire abilities. If concentration is broken, the user must rest a round before manifesting a new crown. At level 17, the ability cost is reduced to 5 to activate with nothing to maintain.

Spell Slot Restore:

Can restore spell slots to another by touch, up to a person’s CON bonus (min 1) or 1 charge to an item if the item still has charges available. At level 14, this ability is able to be used up to 20 feet away.

Spellfire Reserve

The spellfire wielder learns how to store spellfire points in deep reserve. These energy levels don't count as part of her normal storage capacity, but they also can't be used to power spellfire effects without first calling them out of reserve. Spellfire energy levels in reserve don't detect as magical, so a spellfire wielder's true nature cannot be determined by detecting them. Placing any number of stored spellfire points in reserve requires a full-round action, as does calling any number out of reserve into normal storage capacity. The spellfire wielder can hold a number of spellfire points equal to their level plus Constitution Bonus in reserve.

Maelstrom of Fire

The wielder can release spellfire energy in all directions as a 20-foot-radius spread, dealing 1d6 damage per spellfire point expended to all creatures in the area.

Spellfire Burst

The spellfire wielder can substitute a spellfire burst for a normal spellfire blast. The range remains the same, the spellfire energy explodes in a 10-foot radius burst at the target point, dealing appropriate damage to all creatures in the area. Each affected creature may attempt a Dex check to halve the damage. The character can substitute burst for as many blasts (up to her Constitution modifier) as she would normally fire in a round.

Arcane/Divine Spellfire

(Archetype Under Construction)

Spellfire users who choose this path learn how to use spellfire to duplicate spells at 3rd level. Each point of spellfire used counts as a spell level. (A list must be maintained to determine which cantrips/spells the wielder has absorbed and remembered.)

Upon choosing this path, the user can choose two cantrips, 3 spells. New spells are acquired based on the acquisition chart. Spells can only be acquired by absorbing the effects of spells cast at the user or absorbing a spell scroll with the spell wanted on it. They are effectively walking spellbooks.

Spells Known Chart
Level Cantrips Known Spells known
3rd 2 3
4th 3 3
5th 3 4
6th 3 4
7th 4 5
8th 4 5
9th 4 6
10th 5 6
11th 5 7
12th 5 7
13th 6 8
14th 6 8
15th 6 9
16th 6 9
17th 7 10
18th 7 10
19th 7 11
20th 8 11

Archetype Features

Level 7

Spell Copy: At Level 11, the spellfire user can chose to attempt to copy a spell being cast. On a successful Constitution check with a DC 15 plus level of the spell. The cost to copy the spell is the same amount of spellfire points as spell slots would used to cast the spell.

Meta Spellfire

(Archetype Under Construction)

A spellfire wielder who chooses this path learns the true power of spellfire at 3rd level.

Create Whirl Flames at 3rd

These spinning balls of flame as big as the caster’s head remain behind (lasting 1 day per Spellfire level of their creator or until all its Spellfire is released) after the wielder has left the area or even the plane. This time can be extend anytime the creator comes into contact with it. Whirl flames can drain any magic that comes into contact with them or release Spellfire at anything that contacts them. Whirl flames that come into contact with magic absorbs it as a Spellfire user and adds it to the total amount of energy stored. A person who comes into contact with a whirl flame is hit by 1d4+1 points of Spellfire that deal 1d6 per point. At this level the created whirl flame is stationary and cannot be moved. Nonliving objects do not cause a whirl flame to discharge but will melt or burn up the object. Spellfire never creates smoke when it melts things, but smoke can be produce from flammable objects that it sets alight but does not entirely consume. The creator of the whirl flame can reabsorb when in contact with the whirl flame regain any levels of Spellfire it has left. A whirl flame can be set with up to 2 tasks when it is created. A task can be to give of heat to warm the room or to be hot enough to cook food but not discharge, or discharge all at once when someone contacts it. A wielder can have one whirl flame plus Con bonus in existence at a time.

Drain Life at 11th

The Spellfire wielder is able to drain life energy from living creatures by direct touch. A successful attack roll is required, and a saving throw is allowed to withstand the draining attempt; if it fails, the Spellfire wielder takes away one experience level or Hit Die from the being, and gains 10 Spellfire points. If an opponent is killed this way a 4 round crown of fire begins. Note that using this ability on a being that is not freely consenting to donate life energy may be an evil act in many circumstances. User gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence.

Linked Whirl Flame at 12th

The wielder can create whirl flames that are linked to the creator. A linked Whirl flame can be set so that magical energy drained by a whirl flame can be instantly transferred into the Spellfire wielder as stored Spellfire energy. The Spellfire wielder can now will a linked whirl fire to move up to 10ft a round.

Improved Drain Life at 13th

An attack roll is still required, but victims (unless themselves able to employ Spellfire) are not allowed a saving throw to prevent the draining. User gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence.

Spellfire Flash at 7th

The Spellfire wielder can alter the light intensity of Spellfire from almost invisible (87% undetectable in darkness and 97% undetectable under average sunlit conditions) to blinding. (Con save to prevent its effect when used on or near creatures that see by means of eyes.) Creatures get a saving throw to end this blinding effect at the end of every day. Also, creatures that use gaze attacks such as basilisks, and beholders, lose the use of these eye-related powers for the same length of time as they are blinded. Creatures may be cured of this blindness by a cure blindness or deafness, heal, or regenerate spell.

Improved Link at 15th

A Spellfire wielder gains the ability to control energy transferred from remotely located whirl flames, so that she or he can call on them at will or store energy to them remotely. Linked Whirl flames will last forever unless discharged completely or drained by the caster. Linked whirl flames now draw 1d3 Spellfire points from the weave daily (double if in a high magic zone). User gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence.

Spell Boost 16th

A wielder gains the power to boost spells that the wielder casts or if in contact with a spell caster. Duration can be extended by 1d3 time frame of spell per Spellfire point and damage can be augmented by one die (that is determined by the spell) per Spellfire point. No other activity can be undertaken while this Spellfire use is being performed.

Teleport at 17th

A Spellfire user willing to do nothing else during the round can also choose to teleport without error to the vicinity of any one of his or her linked whirl flames at a cost of four spell levels of Spellfire energy. User gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence.

Improved Teleport at 18th

A Spellfire wielder becomes able to take along other creatures when teleporting, which must still be to linked whirl flame. All creatures touching the wielder are transported along with all worn or carried items at a cost of four spell energy levels per being. If this cost exceeds the Spellfire wielders stored energy, a randomly chosen being is left behind.

Meteor Swarms at 19th

The wielder gains the ability to create meteor swarms by means of Spellfire discharge. Each swarm costs nine Spellfire points. User gains 1 additional whirl flame able to be in existence.

Spellfire Elemental at 20th

Spellfire wielder can transform into a Spellfire elemental, user must use at least 15 Spellfire points to transform. When user transforms the power of the weave is unleashed. The user gains a fire form as a fire elemental, 50 temp HPs and the effects of a crown of fire. All magical items within 5 feet of elemental are completely drained(not including the items the Spellfire user was wearing or holding. the user also has an unlimited Spellfire pool the amount of Spellfire that can be unleash per round is still limited by the users constitution. the transformation lasts for 10 minutes plus the users con bonus. at the end of the time the user is left completely drained of Spellfire levels (not counting those in whirl flames or held in reserve) and unable to use Spellfire until a short rest has been completed.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multi-classing into the Spellfire Wielder class, you must meet these prerequisites: Constitution 13 Charisma 13

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